< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 18: Let Them Eat Cock R18 DVD available

Released: 2001
Alternate Titles
  • Amazing Omar's Triumphs 18: No Holes Barred
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - No Holes Barred DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy: Fickt Die Weissen Schlampen
  • Big Willy: Let Them Eat Cock
  • Big Willy: No Holes Barred
  • Fucks White Sluts Magma
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DVD  22.00 GBP British Porn: Big Omar's No Holes Barred 6
Video on Demand (Stream)  8.95 USD Gamelink: Big Omar's British Adventures - No Holes Barred VCA 4
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Notes and Reviews

The theme of this video is that Omar is on the way to the airport when he meets someone who has a time machine. He, Bert and the chap they meet are then transported to the 19th century and a Paris brothel. Some of the girls seem to be French but at least two are just pretending to be. (Title of TVX series is Time Tunnel of Love.)

  • Omar enters a bedroom to find two girls on the bed - Free and Delphine (actually Chloe), one of whom is a bulky but pretty brunette who takes part in most of the action with Omar, including anal and facial. Both are non-British. Though he gets a blowjob off the other, she leaves halfway through. The girls say very little and it is difficult to know whether they are French or just pretending to be.
  • He discovers a maid (Michelle Barratt) and her French mistress, credited as Chloe (actually Delfynn de Lage). The maid is scolded and this leads to a lesbian session, the French girl taking a dildo DP.
  • The time machine chap has sex with Zara who looks a bit like the French girl Astrid who appeared in a Peepshow Special video. This is spied on by Omar. Facial.
  • Omar and the chap with a time machine try to use it to return, but succeed only in materialising in another room where Hannah Harper is sitting on a couch. Hannah does come out with some French phrases. They both have sex with her - DP, strong facials into her open mouth - then they disappear and she says 'Where they go?' in a cod French accent.

This video introduces a bit of variety into a series that was becoming a bit stale.

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