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Released: 2003
Director: Roy Karch
Notes: Adam & Eve
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 98 mins.

One of the recurring story lines in the adult genre is the film about the making of a porno film and Making the Scene squarely falls into this category. Julie Meadows, with her waist-length blonde hair, is trying to shoot a scene for director Roy Karch, but each time she starts they are beset by a catalogue of events involving the cast and crew.

With Joel Lawrence needing extra coaching for his lines, Julie leaves for a glass of water. Layla~Jade waits in the kitchen to be called for her scene and is getting restless. Julie watches as Layla lifts her glittery purple top to show her tits to Talon. A flash of her pussy from under her short skirt gets his trousers bulging. Slipping her hand in his jeans, Layla wanks his cock. She lets him finger fuck her in return. Director Roy appears and asks the two to stop. He wants to save Talon for a pop shot. No sooner has he left the kitchen than Layla is bent over the breakfast bar with her skirt round her waist and Talon's long tongue probing her pussy and arse. Her boobs pressed hard against Talon's thighs, she swallows his cock. Her lips make their way to the base. As she lies back on the table, Talon pumps at Layla's stubble-covered snatch. His hand reaches for her tits. Layla spreads her legs and eases the cock into her arse. She turns and Talon's balls bang against her pussy. Kneeling, Layla gets her face covered in cream.

After continually fluffing his lines, Joel is sacked. He seeks solace between Venus's legs. Time for a freshening up of make-up, but Joelean is more interested in Chris Canon's cock than applying lipstick.

When all is ready to start shooting again, a noise from the background interrupts. Director Roy and the cameraman rush off to find Roxanne, in her red satin lingerie, being spanked on the bed. With the camera rolling, Steve pulls down Roxanne's panties and gorges on her pussy and arse, making her squirm round the bed. With Steve's cock out, Roxanne coats it in spit. Saliva dripping from her chin she flicks her long blonde hair back and pokes her tonsils. Sitting on Steve's dick, Roxanne's tits brush his face as she slides up and down. The two move onto their sides to continue spoons. Steve thrusts hard into Roxanne's smooth snatch. Down on all fours, Roxanne buries her face to stifle the moans as she is shagged doggy style. Steve pulls out to flood her bum cleavage with cum.

At long last Julie gets to perform her scene.

Films about making films are generally a lazy way to come up with a plot and give an excuse for when cameras and cables appear in shot. Unfortunately this applies to Making the Scene. If you follow the flimsy plot there is no apparent reason for either Venus or Roxanne to be on set, but without them the film would be lacking two good performances and 40 minutes. This is one of those films where a poor storyline gets in the way of half decent sex action.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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