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Released: 2004
Director: Britney Foster
Notes: Fusxion / Passion
Alternate Titles
  • Britney Foster's Nightmare
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DVD  9.95 USD ToyBoxxx: Nightmare 2004/Metro 2
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 90 mins.

Nylon and PVC clad Britney Foster and her side kick Fallon Summer turn an evening snooze into every girl's nightmare as they hold 10 girls, including the Brits Alicia Rhodes, Michelle Barrett and Tracey Lain, in a disused warehouse for their sexual pleasure and gratification.

The tone of the film is set when Britney and Fallon enter a cage where Michelle is bent over taking a 6 inch blue plug up her arse. After licking it clean Michelle is DP'd, the plug going back in her bum and a glass dildo used on her pussy. Alicia, who is locked up next door, is handed the toys on which to deep throat. Michelle is then forced to lick her cell mate's pussy as the attention passes to her. Eventually satisfied, Britney and Fallon leave Michelle filling her mouth full of toys as the cage door slams shut.

Further into the building Tracey Lain is tied up when the two arrive. They loosen her restraints and Tracey's fanny is filled with fingers and her bum teased open. A clear glass dildo is jabbed into her pussy, Tracey wriggling and writhing on the rod as it penetrates deeper and deeper. Her juices are licked off the toy and it's then tried in her bum. The scene continues with Britney and Fallon moving to a second tied up victim who gets the same treatment.

Alicia and US girl Sophia are ushered into a goods lift which stops between floors. The only way they can get the lift moving is to hold their bums hard against the cage door to be dildo fucked by Britney and Fallon. With all four girls in the lift Alicia gets the job of filling Sophia's bum, whilst licking her pussy. The girls then want to see what Alicia can take and with arse gaping a glass toy is slipped in. They then move to her pussy, licking, stretching and fingering it till she orgasms. Alicia and Sophia are then sent back down in the lift.

This is a dark and atmospheric picture mixing menacing 'scratch' effect black and white footage with the colour scenes giving the appearance of a gothic horror movie. The action throughout is hot and well shot with Alicia, Tracey and especially Michelle acting well as subservient sex slaves. The only thing to add is don't watch this just before you go to bed, otherwise you will have nightmares.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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