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 Re: Eileen Daly - Electric Blue
Author: Ben Dover 
Date:   10-02-01 13:56

This is a fairly well documented story but if anyone's interested and hasn't heard it - When I was broke in 1979 I answered an ad in The Stage for models. I went to see this 'agent' in a garret in Soho above a strip club [cool I thought, nice and sleazy!] I was told that the 'modelling' was for hardcore porn mags [double cool I thought] I was told I'd be paid 100 to have sex with girls for magazines - [more cool than a really cool thing that's been living in an igloo] Some time later up the stairs trots a [before the age of required ID] 17 year old Eilleen Daly - with her Mum!!!! I kid you not. Mum was sidetracked by someone else whilst a discussion was had with Eilleen and me. Anyway, basically a couple of days later I was shagging her for one of the Euro mags. At the time she had huge tits. She did anal for the first time and a facial. Not wholly surprising that I made a decision there and then that this might be a good business to get involved in! I did a couple more sets with her. They're out there somewhere, and I'd love to get them. The mags would have been Rodox or Color Climax I think, and the photographer was our old chum Remington Steele! One set was set in a Mayfair art gallery if I remember. There was another girl as well. Ring any bells anywhere? BTW that makes Eilleen 39 by my reckoning

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