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 More from the oldies
Author: Remington Steel 
Date:   06-25-02 23:13

Before you ask DS does not buy any of my films! I do not owe him any money. I am reliably informed by his staff that he can't afford them. I think thatís what they meant when they offered me £300 per scene! YagHH!!
I did as a matter of history make the first batch if videos for DS, we shot around 20 full length stories in one week, with some amazing girls, many of whom we all still lust after. How about Donna Ambrose guys? Flat sharing Shaggers being one of the more memorable titles.

Just in passing, we should remember people, in a history so lacking in characters and talent, one who has passed away, the incorrigible Kent Bolton, an educated man who decided he liked the seedy life of the porno prat to that which awaited a public school educated good guy. You may not know his name but ancient vid watchers will certainly have witnessed his grandiose performances and have laughed at his penshant fore spanking girls bottoms. (with a padded paddle so as not to hurt them)
Forgive please my nostalgic ramblings but why is life so dull now. Maybe it is as we started, the lure of £££s.

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: magoo 
Date:   06-26-02 00:48

I read with interest your post earlier about Mary Millington. Its always interesting to hear from people who were actually around at the time. My only knowledge of the sad demise of Mary Millington was what I had read and seen on TV. I saw a documentary on her which basicly made it look like she was not only a victim of the authorities but also made out that DS exploited her as a financial asset. This does not mean he did not have feelings for her of course. Even the most greedy conmen have some redeeming features and very few people are all bad. We hear so many complaints about DS and nearly every porn fan in the UK has been ripped-off by a DS scam at some point.

So my question is what sort of man is DS? Is he as bad as he is painted or is he OK on a personal level? My point being that he may be a greedy, dishonest businessman but a decent bloke in other respects. Perhaps you Remington and some of the other "oldies" of the industry can comment.

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: marcusallen 
Date:   06-26-02 01:04

Even I have to be slightly careful of potential lawsuits, hence my - for once - lack of direct response to Magoo.

The vice trade in Soho was arguably first organised by a Maltese group headed by the Mifsud brothers. They were out and out pimps who invented the Walk-up apts inhabited by "models".
Paul Raymond was a smart guy who rented flats and realised that by buying them and becoming a landlord, he was on a possible road to fortune. (!) history proved him right.
Those were the years of him, Bernie Silver et al in collusion with what was then the Vice Squad operating out of Vine St. nick.
DS is an accountant by trade. He learned/earned his trade from those years. He is a mean ____________, but of course a multimillionaire which speaks for itself.
Sepending on how one looks at it, his story is either one of great success or sheer exploitation; depends one one's point of view.
It can safely be said that he has not a single friend in the whole world

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: marcusallen 
Date:   06-26-02 01:20

He was indeed a character. Clutching a mobile that must have wighed 9lb, plus battery and a Ford with a boot full of porn and utterly committed to the biz with something approaching religion and the blind conviction that He Was Right.
Hope he went out with a smile and a hard-on.

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: Crimpo 
Date:   06-26-02 01:30

Interesting post Marcus - I consider my suspicions officially confirmed!

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: Remington Steel 
Date:   06-26-02 11:43

On the subject of DS. One has to speak as found. In the early days I probably did as much work for his company as any other photographer and have to say that all my dealings with him were fair, and indeed as a new guy to the business in the early days the work he gave me kept the bad boys from the door. I never had to deal with him as a customer so have nothing to say about that aspect. I only know that when I delivered I got paid and paid fairly.
On a personal level, we went out together on numerous occasions, Stringfellows and the Playboy Club as well as the cheapo restaurant round the corner from his office where he ate regularly, he was always charming and polite to me and the ladies who accompanied us. He was committed to making money, thatís no bad thing, I am not an apologist for him he is well able to fight his own corner and I am not going to throw stones as there may be a little of all of us in him given the chance. When the history is written he will emerge as a major force in the move towards the legalisation of porn, his marketing techniques may be questionable but he did get out there and do something without the backing of gangsters and crooked plods. Marcus will tell you better than me some of the stories about that aspect of the business. In its evolution any business has itís rogues, villains, good guys and detractors. Maybe he has a bit of all these things in his make up.

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: TheProf 
Date:   06-26-02 13:22

Gentlemen,may I have a quick say,I've been in the trade as a photographer for 50-years.I enjoyed reading the mail from REMINGTON STEELE and I agree with what he said..
I knew the 'great' KENT BOLTON (and so did half of Fleet Street)I gather he has passed on,poor soul!.
I also knew MARY MILLINGTON when she was plain Mary Maxted,a fine lady sadly missed.
I worked for the editorial dept of GOLD STAR publications for 30-years,producing all the material for Derriere,New Direction,
Exclusive,etc.When I joined in 1967 they were producing pocket size books and brought out the first topshelf mag in 1970,introducing for the first time within it's pages,a range of
ANN SUMMERS products in that edition.
They were a slendid firm to work for...no regrets!.
I think you have to be on the 'inside'to appreciate the feel of the place.
What I put to you is-if you had the opportunity yourself of running a mighty empire,would'nt you be ruthless in protecting your interests.
I've been in the Army myself,and these concerns you are talking about,are run to military precision internally..BUT where not the old Hollywood studios with moguls at the head run with an iron fist.
It's all to do with the survival of the fittest-some of us perhaps don't like that,but then,most people don't like Millionaires in general of their methods of getting money.
It's just the way they go about it that upsets us mere mortals.
These people have really worked hard to get where they are today,
But as REMINGTON has said "We alway's Got Payed".
...anyway,I got mentioned in their autobiographical book which came out a few years ago...interesting reading!

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: Ben Dover 
Date:   06-26-02 13:54

R.I.P Kent. So sorry to hear of his passing. I owe the start of my career to Kent. It was he whom I first met when I answered an ad in 'The Stage' in 1979 for 'modelling' work. He introduced me to Remington and Mike Freeman both of whom I 'cut my teeth' with in the early days. Thank you Kent.

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: Tango 
Date:   06-26-02 23:40

Donna Ambrose!!
Not wishing to sidetrack from the issue and points being raised through this thread don't suppose you give a little more info on the films mentioned...
Guessing they are long gone from circulation (anyone help?!) were the b/g pic sets that popped up in whitehouse and alike around the early 80's ftring Donna from these films?
Was Jenny Hall in any??
How I wish the clock could be turned back and I could've got these films!!

Quality work.


 Re: More from the oldies
Author: ~The Artist etc. 
Date:   06-27-02 14:23

Got to agree with Tango.Any info would be appreciated.Thanks
for your stuff Remington,long may you continue.

 Re: More from the oldies
Author: jj 
Date:   06-27-02 14:55

Me three: Donna A being VERY naughty? I could do with some of that.
Just what the doctor ordered........

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