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 Zeta Ross
Author: Snowy 
Date:   09-03-05 01:45

A blast from the past I know, fellas, but stuff on the gorgeous ex-Parade editor is harder to locate than a needle in a haystack.
Anyone know of any good sites devoted to the fabulous Ms Ross and what she's up to these days. The Yahoo group is not that hot, sadly.
They were halcyon days in the mid to late '80s when Parade was on sale for around a quid and it was always packed full of top totty - Stacey Owen, Marie Harper, Tracey Neve, Debee Ashby, Fiona Wright...
Eeh, when I were a lad... I know it's a little bit like the old Hovis advert!!!
Anyway, any info would be appreciated.
Oh, and is that rumour about Stacey Owen's return that had us all going earlier this year turned out to be just that... a rumour?

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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: Joe A 
Date:   09-03-05 02:16

There was more than one Zeta I think.. If you mean the blonde... She was the dwarfs (David Sullivan) girlfriend in those days, but she still liked to go out clubbing without him.. . Her real name is Denise.. I never wrote down her surname..


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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: John.h2 
Date:   09-03-05 07:01

Quoting from Enzo who wrote the following in the tvx newsgroup on 26 March 2000:
Zeta was involved in a major car accident. While she was recovering (this was in the early 1980's) her place was taken by Marie Harper who still used the name 'Zeta'.
After a couple more years she decided to retire and her place was taken by Trine Michelson, who again used the name 'Zeta'.
Since then pictorials purporting to show Zeta could show any of the three girls.

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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: wayne 
Date:   09-03-05 08:57

What a tangled web..It alomost sounds like everyones discussing who there favourite doctor who is!

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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: Snowy 
Date:   09-04-05 00:56

This is getting to be like an episode of 'The X-Files' with all these so-called 'sightings'.
Anyway, as I remember, 'Zeta Ross' appeared as the 'editor' of 'Parade' in the mid to late 80s and always featured her selacious 'diary' along with one or two photoshoots.
She also made an appearance in a Tara Bardot-Jackson softcore video I've got somewhere as well as her own interview video as part of the Electric Blue series.
In this, Zeta 'quizzed', amongst others, Debee Ashby, Linzi Drew and the equally fit as etc Marie Harper.
In another bizarre 'sighting', I recorded an episode of a daft late 80s show starring Jools Holland and that fella who sometimes does 'Holiday' reports with his family caravanning in Pembrokeshire who was playing an alien. In this particular episode, the alien was shown around David Sullivan's pad and went for a dip in the pool with Zeta and another model of the time - I think her name was Amanda something.
Anyone else got any more info on 'Zeta' or shall we call in Mulder and Scully?!

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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: NeilUK 
Date:   09-04-05 03:07

The Parade issues I have show Trine Michaelsen as the editor under the name Trine!! And Marie Harper as Marie!
I can't see any record of them pretending Marie was Zeta, would have been abit crazy as Marie was a very famous model in her own right and it would have just looked stupid. Marie also appeared as a guest on one of Zeta's softcore videos, "Zeta's Sexy Video Show", again would have been abit crazy to then become the editor of Parade under Zeta's name!
Trina was also a regular model for Parade before becoming the editor, lets face it they were never really the editors but the format certainly seemed to work. Was always one of my fave magazines along with Mayfair



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 Zeta Ross sample pics
Author: Hitman 
Date:   09-06-06 21:37

Bumping up an old thread from last year

Zeta sample pics:





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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: MrAnglia 
Date:   09-07-06 16:17

The Jools Holland series you mean was the Groovy Fellers. Fantastic show.

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 Re: Zeta Ross sample pics
Author: crimson tide 
Date:   09-08-06 22:35

Yep that's the Zeta i remember.........looks like sharon davies, swimming legend in the last pic. well does to me anyway.

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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: hattertim 
Date:   09-09-06 01:03

Zeta was indeed "editor" of Parade for many issues....the last one I've got her doing this is # 227 in 1995....after that it was Eve Vorley & then Louise Hodges in the issues I've got after this...I think Trine was a regular contributor, but wasn't billed as the "editor"...

Marie Harper was indeed billed as Zeta for awhile, but usually in other DS mags like Lovebirds, Whitehouse, Playbirds etc rather than Parade which seemed more often than not to actually name the girls more consistently than these other mags...but you could always tell Zeta & Marie apart quite easily! Makes you wonder why they bothered to say it was someone different!

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 Re: Zeta Ross sample pics
Author: Darkow Hotmale 
Date:   09-09-06 06:02

Looking at he second pic, you can only say, wow, breast ehancement techniques have improved big time over the years. She looks like she was mutilated, here!

But, like many, fond memories of Zeta.

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 Re: Zeta Ross
Author: Phil Phee 
Date:   08-26-13 21:26

So what did happen to Zeta!?

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