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Notes and Reviews

Elegant Angel, but all-British or British-based cast

The titles get Nicole and Sonia Lee mixed up. Chris News is in every scene and unfortunately does most of the talking while better actors in Marino and Mark are under used.

  • Georgette Neale as a dominatrix with four men in her dungeon, one in a cage, one with his feet in stocks etc. She teases and torments them, but eventually has sex including anal, reverse cowgirl DP and facials in her usual messy manner.
  • Sonia Lee is hanging about by Tower Bridge at night dressed as a schoolgirl. Chris News approaches her and tells her he has forgotten the way back to his hotel. She offers to show him and they go up to his room where three other men are waiting. This is the only scene where there is an attempt to create a relatively believable scenario for a gang bang, but it could still have been better done. No anal, facials.
  • Tracy Williams is a maid employed by Chris News who is sitting at a table with three male friends. They get her to dust in very awkward places so that they can see up her short skirt. Gang bang develops, anal, DP, facials.
  • An unlisted brunette is an aristocrat taking a bath in the by-now much over-used tower which features in so many of the films listed here. She phones up Chris and gets him to bring himself and three other men to help her. Cumshots over chin, neck and breasts (whose enhancements become obvious in certain positions).
  • Nicole is a barrister with a yuppy flat in Canary Wharf. She books four men to come round and service her. Anal, DP, cumshots over chin, neck and breasts again.

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