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Notes: Your Scene, compilation
Notes and Reviews

A Your Scene compilation of shorts of variable picture quality. No immediately recognisable faces, i.e. no Mary Millington or Pat Astley.

Scene 3 contains some transsexual stuff. Scene 8 is set on a farm and includes a DP. 12 shorts in all on a 3-hour tape, of variable length but usually longer than the old 8-minute loop. Some appear to be more recent than the 70s, especially the one set on a farm where pubic hair is trimmed/shaved on some of the girls into a more modern pornstar look and there is reverse anal cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DP. The same man appears in many of them. He looks like a young and slim Dick Nasty, but is in fact Tim Blackstone.

  • A nurse (Kelly Francis) is accosted by a motor cyclist in an alley and taken into an empty building where she has sex with him and another man. For some odd reason she hardens her nipples with two small brushes taken from her medicine bag. This vignette is included in Sex Maniacs and also in Heiße Schluchten.
  • A brunette (Clyda Rosen) is driven by a man to the flat of her two female friends, one slim (NK0153), the other busty and wearing a tight see-through top with no bra (NK0154). There is a lesbian sex scene but the man is enticed onto the balcony and locked out and forced to watch. This vignette (also released as a short called Locked Out) is included in Sex Maniacs and also in Heiße Schluchten.
  • A blonde who turns out to be transsexual enters a manor house where there are a couple of men and two women scantily clad, one with a swastika on her panties and wearing an SS hat (NK0155), the other taller and black-haired (NK0156). Various sex acts follow. (Included in Sin Dreamer. The Mike Hunter release of this loop was titled Nazi Games.)
  • A short entitled 'Call Girls' which begins with two girls (one oriental-looking, NK0157, the other a brunette, NK0158) having lesbian sex. A man rings the doorbell, is let in and pays to have sex with them both, including in the bath. (Included in Sin Dreamer.)
  • A longish short called Jealousy (see 70s British Porn 2). It begins with a brunette (NK0159) wearing a mask which she soon takes off. Sex with two men follows in a luxurious bedroom. Her husband returns home and discovers them at it, though they don't know it. He goes back downstairs and accosts the black maid (NK0160), shaving her pubes and getting her to suck his cock. He also opens a bottle of champagne as his wife comes downstairs and discovers them at it in the kitchen. Her mouth is open in surprise and the champagne cork ends up between her lips. This vignette is included in Sex Maniacs, without the part featuring the husband and black maid.
  • An untitled short apparently released by Beahte Uhse where a blonde (NK0161) is seen lying on her couch reading a book called How to Preserve Your Sex Life, a man enters and they have sex, then she drags him off to an SM club where several girls are waiting, including the nurse (Kelly Francis) and the girl in the mask, NK0159. Short ends. This vignette forms the linking sequence in Sex Maniacs.
  • A short called Uncle Roger in which a man persuades his female partner (NK0162) to let him invite another girl round (NK0163) for lesbian sex and a threesome. (Included in Sin Dreamer.)
  • A long segment set on a farm with manor house attached. A farmhand is sitting on a wall outside a barn when a girl (Kathy) and her boyfriend walk up (guessing this, soundtrack not in English). The girl is pretty and they go into the barn. She has sex with both separately and together including anal, reverse cowgirl anal, DP both ways round. Meanwhile the lady of the manor (NK0162) dressed in jodhpurs and riding hat and jacket comes out of the manor house and asks the maid (NK0166), who is working in the garden, where the farmhand is. She walks up to the barn, spies on the threesome and then enters to scold the farmhand but ends up having sex with him while the other two watch from on top of a pile of hay. The maid enters the manor house and takes the paper up to the master of the house who is still in bed. They have sex on the bed.
  • A short called Sweet Sixteen. Originally in colour, but the source tape is so old it appears as black and white. A schoolgirl (NK0167), tall, brunette, miniskirt, carrying a hockey stick in Trafalgar Square, meets an artist there. They go back to his flat and begin to have sex. His wife or mistress (blonde-ish, slim, older) enters and a threesome develops.
  • A short called Flitzer (also effectively in black and white). Two girls, blonde (NK0169) and brunette (NK0170) go into a boutique. One seduces a young male shop assistant while the other shoplifts. The aim appears to be to provide stock for their own shop. They take the shop assistant home and tire him out. Next day the brunette returns to the shop and finds the assistant asleep at his post. She takes more stock while he is being scolded by his boss. He gets the sack and they go off to the other shop where customers are being given sex as well as sold clothes. The blonde is having sex with a customer in the back room. Other customers are encouraged to join in including two other females, a darker blonde (Debbie Tarrant) and a black-haired girl (NK0172) who might be the taller of the two girls in segment 3, i.e. NK0156. An orgy develops in the back room.
  • A short called Dirty Model. A photographer and his secretary (tall, curly blonde, NK0173) have sex while discussing the merits of potential models. One is chosen and turns up for a session, shorter, less blonde, but prettier (NK0174). She has sex with the photographer while the secretary watches, then the secretary joins in, creating a threesome.
  • A short called Kameraclub. A man watches as a girl is picked up by a car and driven away. She has dropped her purse and he picks it up and follows on his bike. He is let into the house which is a brothel pretending to be a camera club. As a reward he joins in the activities with the brunette madame (NK0175), then, with the madame, he joins a threesome with another man and two girls (dark hair, NK0417, fairer hair slimmer, Annette Poussin) and then a pretend photography session where a man is taking photos of a 'schoolgirl' (NK0178) with no film in his camera. All are together for the final orgy.

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