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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

(On the title credits it's '18 & Cumfused 5')

Heatwave, 2001

Flick Shagwell (Rebecca Lee); Sabrina Jayde; Kinky (Rebekah Jordan); Cali. Race; Micky G; T J Cummings; Steve Taylor.

Scene 1. 20 mins. Set in an office/study.

Flick in a matching crop top shirt (tied under breasts) and shorts - pink with blue flower print; ankle socks, with lacy tops and trainers. She is shaved except for small patch of hair above her prepuce. 'Biff' is a 'jock' - and very dim - so no acting required. Says he can almost program his VCR, and his brain (he's got one?) hurts when he studies. He's in boxers, jog pants, and a sleeveless t-shirt. Flick is trying to help him study accounting, so he can keep his grades and scholarship!! While seated at the desk, he takes his shirt off, as it's hot. Flick massages his neck and body, in a 'study beak', to relax him.

Flick kisses him and rubs his cock through the jog pants; he lifts her top over her breasts and kisses them. He then lifts her onto the desk - her shorts have disappeared, magically, as does his pants. He licks her cunt and fingers her. She rubs her breasts. He stands by her head with his boxers down, and then she sucks and wanks him. After several minutes he kisses her.

'Biff' now lies on the desk and Flick climbs on board for a reverse cowgirl. She is quite vigorous at times during this portion, and cums. Cuts to her lying on the desk, being fucked by a standing 'Biff'. Very quickly cuts to Flick now standing with one knee up on the desk, being taken from behind. Another cut to her standing, leaning on the desk, still fucked from behind. The scene ends with the almost obligatory girl kneeling, receiving a facial. Yawn.

An OK scene, but Flick's talent is not used to its best and she is not as lively as she normally is. Maybe having a 'plot' has affected her spontaneity. Her top is just raised over her breasts - her best feature - as is common in 'teenage' porno, but I still prefer the top being removed. Other viewers may not agree.

Scene 2. 24 mins. Set in a lounge.

Sabrina Jayde - a very pretty brunette - wears a red plaid mini skirt, lacy ankle socks with strappy black platform shoes and a white t-shirt. She has a clit ring, a clean shaven pubis and four tattoos - lower abdomen, left arm and breast, with a flaming 'TOKER' on her lower back. Her hair is initially tied back, but becomes loose during the scene. Farmer Witter is in a t-shirt and bib and braces.

Sabrina has been involved in 'trouble in the city'. She has been sent to her mother's friend - Mr Witter, a widower - who has a farm in Idaho. This is new start and junior college awaits. The set looks too neat and tidy for a farm and its 'red neck' owner. While on a sofa, he asks about her tattoos, and not using marijuana. She promises to be good and asks about his wife. He misses her, as she has been dead for a few years.

She comforts him by cradling his head to her breasts, before taking out his stiff cock. Leaning over, she gives him a very enthusiastic BJ, and is soon wanking herself at the same time. She stands to remove her white panties, then sits on him for a reverse cowgirl. She is very energetic - gyrating and pumping - but briefly stops to take off her shoes. She continues and rubs herself. She is extremely vocal and loud, and I soon lost count of the number of times she cums during the rest of the scene. Her top is now raised above her small pert tits - they are superb - again, the top stays on throughout.

Semi-kneeling on the sofa, looking back and to the side, Sabrina is fucked from behind by the now naked yokel. Briefly, she sits up and sucks his cock [c2m]. Cutting to them lying on the couch, in a spoon position, with her legs splayed open, for an anal fucking, as she again wanks herself.

Another cut, to a now skirtless Sabrina. The chap is now again sitting facing us; she straddles him to impale herself anally - reverse cowgirl. Still vocal, noisy, and vigorous, she continues to repeatedly cum, before she kneels for the money shot. Her hair is suddenly tied back! She takes the spunk in her mouth, coats his cock with it and cleans it while briefly giving 'head'.

This girl is impressive; she looks to be really enjoying her work, and is very pretty. One to keep a watch out for on other tapes. A top grade episode, except for the too loud, very repetitive, exceedingly irritating music track. Not an uncommon occurrence in porno films. Who writes it? Where do they find it?

One supplier lists her in a pregnant sex video! She gives another excellent, energetic, performance in 'Naughty Little Nymphos 6' which, coincidently also includes the next girl - Rebekah Jordan.

Scene 3. 18 mins. Set in a sitting-room with a home bar.

For some reason Rebekah is called 'Michelle' in this scene. She is wearing a white shirt tied under her breasts, the collar matches her blue/black, pleated plaid skirt. She has white over the knee socks with lace trimming at the top. This is very similar - except for being red, to her scene in 'Ben Dover's Arse Force' with Faye Rampton. She is shaved except for a small triangle of hair well above her prepuce. She has four tattoos, well known to her fans. Her blonde hair has the sides pulled back and tied in a plait; it does a very good job in keeping her face clear during BJ's. In this scene Rebekah is a student who has been having an affair with her professor/teacher. He is much older, dressed in a jacket, shirt, tie and slacks. Presumably at his house, he tries to end the relationship. But, beautiful, horny teenagers are hard to say no to.

She sits on a sofa and he sits on the arm. After he tells her it has to end, she rubs his cock through the trousers and they kiss. Lying back, she unties her shirt to reveal her bare breasts. He kneels on the floor, raises her skirt. Strokes and licks her with panties in place, before pulling the gusset to one side and continuing oral - he uses his lips to pull at her labia, and fingers her - she helps by holding the panties to one side.

He stands up and opens his trousers and briefs. Rebekah kneels down and he pulls her panties to mid thigh, and receives a BJ. She stands and bends over - one hand on the sofa, the other on her left buttock - and he fucks her from behind. It cuts to him sitting/lying on the sofa and she sits over him for reverse cowgirl. They reverse positions - he kneeling - and he fucks her until he stands to give her an open mouth facial. "Is that really the last time professor?".

This is porn on a different level than normal. For once the music fits the mood of the scene, though still a little repetitive, it's not irritating. This is two people making explicit, sensual love. It is a surprisingly sophisticated piece of work, lovingly carried out. The two look as if they have been lovers for a period of time - not two people meeting on a porn set. It is free of lots of cuts; in fact most of it looks like a continuous sequence, but using different camera angles. This is the type of scene to introduce porn to a new girlfriend. If this was a main stream film you could class it as a 'Chick Flick'. Excellent. It's a pity that a whole film could not be this well filmed and directed. OK some want a rough feel to their porn - there's always Max Hardcore (Rebekah's done several films for him; also spanking and watersports too - what a girl and looks so innocent too).

Scene 4. 19 mins. Set in a house which is up for rent.

Cali is a blonde whose breasts look large due to her slim frame. She wears a lilac halter neck dress with a white flower print; underneath is a pair of white panties with a lilac flower pattern. There are 5 Japanese [?] characters tattooed on her lower back; she is smooth shaven and with a pierced navel. She is being shown around by a real estate agent, in jeans and a t-shirt (not very professional). After talking by the pool they move inside and end up in the living-room. They discuss other property and the rent which she can't afford. Can she get a deal?

She takes hold of his jeans and opens them while still seated. She gives him a BJ, while he holds her hair back for the sake of the camera. She kneels and he pulls her dress off - he has removed his t-shirt. Cali lays on the sofa and he fucks her, as she plays with her breasts. He then sits on the couch and there is a cowgirl fuck. They move to a spoon fuck on the sofa, before the - guess what - facial cum shot.

She gets the discount, but he wants repeat sessions 4 times a month. An adequate scene, with a typical California style blonde.

Review by BFU

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