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Notes: Your Scene, compilation
Notes and Reviews
  • Happy Holidays - Hour long film using both British and continental European actors. Sound not in English. Claudia Mehringer is seen in Trafalgar Square and then teasing her boyfriend in a bedroom - bj, fucking. She then takes a ferry to the continent and has sex with a man in her cabin - bj, brief fuck, facial. She meets the family with whom she is staying and they are seen around the dinner table. She is then seen masturbating on her bed. The young sister of the family (Dorle Buchner) seems to apply for a job and has lesbian sex with an older blonde (XNK0583 on egafd). We then see the blonde daughter (Barbara Korneck on egafd) of the family she is staying with having sex with a male to facial and a different brunette (Helen Thomas) visits a sex therapist with her boyfriend and then plays the submissive to a male, watched by an older man. Claudia returns to London and joins in an orgy which involves one or more of the performers in the shorts in the previous Your Scene collection such as the black girl (NK0160) plus NK0412, Janet Adler.
  • Audition Orgy - Short. Curly haired brunette (probably Janet Monroe) plus two other brunettes - one is the secretary, Lone (see egafd), of the film producers, and the other is the model being 'auditoned' when the film starts, Diana [19] (see egafd). An orgy develops when a girl applies for a modelling job.
  • Huge Tit Service - Short. Black girl (Sally [7]) and white brunette (Linda [4]) take on two male clients. Facial for the white girl. Black girl gets cum over her huge tits.
  • Oh Nurse - see separate note. Short. Mary Millington has lesbian sex with a very busty brunette while a male patient has sex with a third nurse (Susie Knight).
  • Big Boobed Lady - Short. A nude brunette (a countess in the story, NK0417) is in the pool, served drinks by the butler and goes inside for a bath. The maid (NK0418) and the butler have a look at her magazines in her bedroom and this leads to sex, interrupted by the countess who joins in for a threesome after masturbating in the bath.
  • Tourist Surprise - Short. A tourist (brunette, Sooty Turner) lost in London asks a couple (female is blonde, NK0430, possibly same as NK0173) the way. They invite her back to their place - lesbian sex, mmf threesome.
  • Jealousy - A more complete version of the fifth short in the first Your Scene collection involving NK0159 and NK0160. This vignette is included in Sex Maniacs, minus the part featuring the husband and the black maid.
  • English Schoolgirl - Short, German sound. A schoolgirl (Kathy) is picked up by her mother (?) (NK0420) in a taxi. She is taken to what seems to be a fetish club cum male brothel. The mother is made to demonstrate fellatio and fucking with one of the males while the daughter watches. The daughter then also has sex and the male pisses in her mouth. Another couple arrive, the female with shortish straight blonde hair (Sonia Svenberger). This vignette is included in Sex Maniacs.
  • End of Term featuring Deborah-Jane and Pat Astley - see separate write up.
  • Boarding School featuring Deborah-Jane, NK0422 and NK0445 - see separate write up.
  • Preview of Health Farm (John Lindsay short) where busty blonde (NK0423) and 2 busty brunettes (Debbie [10] and Pauline [4]) are fucked.

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