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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

A series of scenes connected in rudimentary fashion - sounds familiar? That's Erotic Anget for you!

A man settles down in his hotel room to be joined by Layla in a Supergirl T-shirt. She says she's lost and then basically demands sex - why does this never happen to me down the local Travel Lodge!

Layla looks cute as a button in the T-shirt, but once it's removed she sets about our hero in her own famous style. A very, very good scene - no anal but that just allows the oral and pussy action to expand to fill the gap. Also a nice bit of Layla's patented guttermouth urging. Lay looks ready for a facial at the end but her partner instead shoots across her new tits with an adequate cumshot.

As well as Lay the other scenes are hot - if not anywhere near as hot. Quality porn - I recommend it!

Review by Crimpo

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