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Released: 2002
Director: Andre Madness
Notes: Digital Sin
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Running time: 96 mins.

Membership of the Four Finger Club is exclusive and in number 21 in the series Angel and Ashley, along with eight American girls, prove they have what it takes to join.

Identically dressed in white negligees and short white socks, the two leggy blondes stand on the bed ready to show they have what it takes to join the 4 finger club. The girls allow their see-through dresses to fall away and fondle each other's boobs. Angel slides down Ashley's body towards her moist pussy. Kneeling, she parts her pussy petals and starts to tongue. The pair fall back on the bed. A good dollop of lube and a finger at a time is worked into Ashley's cunt. She moans. The two taste her juices. Angel now takes her chance to join the club. With her leg almost wrapped behind her head, she stretches her pussy ready for Ashley's attention. One by one the fingers enter. Four up and she's a member. The girls celebrate by riding a sybian. Angel presses her clit against the vibrating plate while Ashley turns up the controls. Her legs shaking, Angel orgasms.

While I have no problem with Angel and Ashley's scene, which was nice and tenderly done, there are a couple of sections in the movie where, with their latex gloves, the girls looked as if they were doing a gynaecological examination. Very unsexy and not for me. With over 21 films in the series, or 200 members of the club, 4 fingers has its followers.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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