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Released: 2004
Director: Robbie Fischer
Notes: Red Light District
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 137 mins.

Like many of Red Light District's productions, this film is shot in a large luxurious Californian mansion where the girls and guys give the sofas a good hiding. 1 Dick 2 Chicks 2 has ten girls who appear in pairs. Roxy Jezel appears with slim tattooed Madison and Michelle B appears with newcomer Corine Davis, as they take on cocks.

Roxy hugs blonde Madison at the start of scene 2. Their fingers interlock as the cameraman asks about their sex lives and preferences. Removing her floral fuchsia bikini top, Roxy shows her tits. Helping Madison off with her top, she sucks at her small pert breasts. Kissing, the girls brush their bodies together when a guy joins them. Getting the two to bend, he licks at their arses. Madison buries her head in Roxy's pussy as she is shagged from behind, the thin pale body bouncing against the guy's thighs. On all fours, Roxy sticks her arse high in the air and her lips are rubbed with cock and her fanny filled. Madison wants to ride. She slides up and down his shaft as Roxy laps at the pair. Leaning forward, Roxy parts her bum cheeks and the guy slips in his length up her arse, then picks her up and turns her round. Roxy finds herself doing anal reverse cowgirl with Madison massaging her moist pussy. Some hard bum banging and the guy empties his cock over the girls' faces.

The next scene has Michelle sitting on a sofa with Corine. The two strip out of their baseball shirts and caress each other's bodies as the questions are fired by the cameraman. Kneeling, Michelle eases down Corine's panties, her tongue dancing over her pussy and clit. When the guy appears her attention turns to cock. She licks the head and swallows as Corine sits on his face. The girls lie on top of each other for a double-deck fuck, Michelle sliding off to get her arse fucked. Screaming for more, the pair roll onto their sides, Corine fingering as the two shag spoons. Michelle's bum bonking isn't over. She climbs onto his cock and her body gyrates as she plunges the man meat into her back passage. Having not had much of the action, Corine crouches to have her pussy stuffed, but after a few strokes the guy is ready to cum. He showers the girls' faces, Michelle ending with an eye full.

Whilst Roxy and Madison (and Lauren Pheonix with Heather Call) seemed to gel in their scenes, other parts of the film appeared flat with no chemistry between the girls. Corine was happy to act as a passive observer and let Michelle do most of the work. The other girls gave the impression they were too busy getting their positions and angles right to make the action look fun. OK I may be a little too critical about some girls as the film is not bad, but this is going into a crowded market and even with Roxy's hot performance there is not enough to make it really stand out.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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