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Released: 2004
Notes: Slik
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First of a triptych of DVDs from photographer David Carter, fucking his models after a photoshoot. Now I know that for every model there has to be a first time, but judging by who the girls are and the way they perform, this is not it. Pretty much every one of the fifteen scenes across three DVDs follows the same format viz: Sitting in his office David introduces the girl who has written/emailed him, frequently sending a picture which he shows the camera. Next we have the interview where a sometimes nervous looking girl is asked "are you nervous?". Then it's down to the studio where we see the girl changing before David takes somes stills. Once he has a few stills he moves in to fuck the girl.

The photographer-shags-model scenario for these scenes is even older than David - who looks around 50 - so if these scenes weren't so obviously contrived it might be worrying. Quite why producers feel the need to insult their viewers intelligence I don't know. Even John Mason (who has had more than a hand in some of these scenes and the stills sets all appear on his Johnny Rebel website) is happy to introduce gonzo as gonzo.

First to audition is 19 year old Mandy, who's spectacles always give her a slightly distant look and, while the action here is pleasant enough, I guess her motivation is always the fee. Mandy's session-wear is almost day wear: a long skirt, a red top, but beneath she's got black holdups and heels which she keeps on as David fucks her on the floor and the sofa and ends with a facial.

Louise is second to audition and flashes her tits during the interview before changing into black underwear, stockings and an ultra short white 'nurses' coat. After the stills, Louise uses a dildo to lube herself up before David joins her for a fuck on the floor and sofa. The big red dildo is used again before David shoots his load onto Louise's tongue.

Starr, 36, says she has come to the audition with her husband (who's gone shopping). David gives her the once over then she slips a slinky grey dress over her black bra and pants and is ready for the pictures. Once she's naked he gives her the big red vibrator and after a little while joins her for sex. The action here is eerily quiet, is without a condom, includes anal and ends with another deposit into Starr's mouth.

Twenty year old Tequila from Birmingham poses in a dress which is removed to reveal undies and black holdups. Once down to her stockings the stills continue with the dildo, then David joins her for a mix of cock and dildo action which ends with no cumshot for David but Tequila appears to be wanked to a climax.

After a very brief interview, 23 year old Sheena changes into a short white skirt and top which don't even come off before David joins her on set. She does, however, take everything but her heels off before getting decently fucked in the usual way. Ends with a facial.

Despite the risible premise of these girls being first timers and there being no fee (hardly ethical David, getting your end away, selling the vid and not sharing the gains with the models?), these are excellent scenes. Forget the corny scenarios, cod interviews and the tubby, averagely-endowed stud, these scenes are crisply shot, the girls are all very sexy and give the impression of getting very well shagged. I've watched a lot worse.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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