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Released: 2004
Notes: Slik
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Second of a triptych of DVDs from photographer David Carter, fucking his models after a photoshoot. Now I know that for every model there has to be a first time, but judging by who the girls are and the way they perform, this is not it. Pretty much every one of the fifteen scenes across three DVDs follows the same format viz: Sitting in his office David introduces the girl who has written/emailed him, frequently sending a picture which he shows the camera. Next we have the interview where a sometimes nervous looking girl is asked "are you nervous?". Then it's down to the studio where we see the girl changing before David takes somes stills. Once he has a few stills he moves in to fuck the girl.

The photographer-shags-model scenario for these scenes is even older than David - who looks around 50 - so if these scenes weren't so obviously contrived it might be worrying. Quite why producers feel the need to insult their viewers intelligence I don't know. Even John Mason (who has had more than a hand in some of these scenes and the stills sets all appear on his Johnny Rebel website) is happy to introduce gonzo as gonzo.

Canadian Michelle opens up these five scenes, changing into a denim skirt and black top for the shoot and ending up naked on the dralon settee. David gives her the big red vibrator and some lube for a few more stills before he joins her and the inevitable happens.

As David introduces the next scene he's rolling a ciggy and announces, as is his wont and completely pointlessly, it's Wednesday afternoon. If the rest of the film is fiction, 44 year old Georgina's interview is remarkably candid and informative. The stills shoot ends with Georgina in black holdups and camisole and with the red vibrator in her pussy. David joins her for some oral sex before swapping the filming with John Mason who takes over and fucks Georgina without a condom. Scene ends with Georgina wanking John off over her tits.

David is unsure about a scene with pregnant Maxine which he follows up with another seemingly authentic interview which made even me believe this could be her first time. Once through the stills and naked, Maxine nervously fills her pussy with a pink vibrator and David joins her for sex. Putting aside his reservations, he fucks her bareback in all the usual positions, ending with a facial.

In Maxine's post match report David admits he may be getting too old for the stress of filming and fucking, so after interviewing and shooting Roxy he's employed Lee Henshaw to do the deed. Roxy is naked on the sofa when Lee joins her and the action kicks off at a frightening speed. Bareback fucking in all positions and after a while Lee's cock is in Roxy's arse. Ends with facial.

Finally Claire, who says she's split with her boyfriend so she's free to fuck on camera, has a glass of wine and a fag with David and unusually talks much more about bg action. David shoots the obligatory stills then passes a giant pink vibrator to Claire who puts eight or nine inches inside. Claire's exclusive fuck partner Daryl then joins her for some top quality fucking which starts with the well endowed Daryl slipping his length into Claire's pussy which is already full of the pink vibe. More hard fucking, which moves to anal and a great reverse cowgirl as Claire uses a (smaller) vibrator in her pussy. Fantastic cumshot which Claire swallows.

With volume two, David lulls the viewer with three more comfortable scenes, then unleashes two blinders with Roxy and Lee and Claire and Daryl. After most scenes David gives a short assessment which is pretty accurate. Despite the risible premise of these girls being first timers and there being no fee (hardly ethical David, getting your end away, selling the vid and not sharing the gains with the models?), these are excellent scenes and this is the best in the series.

All the girls here are extremely attractive and sexy and enthusiastic, but special mention must go to Claire - tall and slim, with fantastic legs and a nice flat stomach despite being a young mum. Claire made only a small number of films and all with Daryl, but this is probably her best performance. Britporn fans should have this in their collection.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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