< 58 Bridge St.

Director: Tony Savage
Notes: European Gothic
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It's 1941 and 58 Bridge Street, in London's east end, is where many of the capital's whores are taken and degraded by a maniacal magistrate and a sadistic army major.

After some very slick credits and original rock theme (I know what you want, I'm going to fuck you hard) by heavy metallists Killing Miranda, the film opens with Sahara being bundled into the cells by the Major. In her handbag the Major finds, amongst other alleged stolen property, a pistol; he offers Sahara a month of humiliation at his hands or a 5 year stretch and she accepts the former.

In another part of town another whore, Angelica Vamp, lies on her bed in black underwear awaiting a regular client. As soon as he arrives she gets his cock out to suck and as soon as he is undressed they fuck on the bed. This scene is intercut with the action in the cells where Sahara is strapped to some S&M kit, has her dress ripped off and has nipple and labial clamps applied. Hunny joins in the action forcing Sahara to lick her pussy, then Sahara is whipped and fucked by a mechanical dildo. Just as Angelica is getting it doggystyle two Police constables burst in and blackmail her into having sex with them too. Having shot their loads over Angelica's face the Policemen renege on their deal and take her to the cells at 58.

Life is getting no better for Sahara as she's blindfolded, gagged and strapped to a bench and fucked by the two policemen recently returned. Hunny assists as Sahara gets cocks and beer bottles in her pussy and cocks up her arse. The scene ends with a double facial.

When Angelica arrives she's put in a cell and suspended on a hammock with her legs spread wide. She's joined by Paris, who's spent the early part of the film caged in the corridor, and by the Magistrate who ties the girls together. Paris is released from her enforced cunnulingus by the Major who takes her to another cell for some light flagellation and a go on the fuck-machine.

Angelica's original tubby punter reveals himself as a plain clothes policeman and leaves her suspended in the cell as he finds Hunny and they strip off and fuck on the stairs. For Angelica there is one humiliation left as she is strapped to a wall in just her black hold-ups and whipped by the Major.

Writer/Director Tony Savage has been hugely ambitious with this production and he has produced an entertaining and erotic film. The script is original and the plot holds together thanks to some good editing. The location, in Newport, is superb with its glazed brickwork cells giving a real period feel. Both Angelica and Sahara give fine performances as they take a lot of cock and I look forward to seeing more work from both of them. Hunny performs well too although she has less opportunity. Production values are high throughout and the throbbing opening theme, although wildly anachronistic, is well done.

Inevitably there are several other anachronisms in a period piece produced on a limited budget - the s&m gear and mechanical dildo is just too modern. The costumes of the players look good, especially Sahara's dress and underwear and the police uniforms, but the effect is spoilt by a policeman wearing Calvin Kleins. Most hard to take is the Major who looks authentic but for a long grey ponytail under his cap. In 1941? Get yer hair cut!

Overall this is a fine example of Britporn, highly recommended both for the production and two very attractive women getting a hard shagging.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2005

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