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Released: 2005
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Tennervision / Legend, widescreen
Alternate Titles
  • Jerome Tanner's 20 Pages and Hot Chicks
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 89 mins.

Nowadays Holly Wellin is one of the busiest Brits on the American scene, but 20 Pages & Hot Chicks comes from the earliest days of her career in the States. Director Jerome Tanner has taken the idea of a film struggling to find a plot as the basis for this five scene movie. Successful star Lauren Phoenix is trying to write the script for her new movie. Three pages in and she has hit a mental block. Time to introduce a little sex to the film in the shape of Trina Michaels and some gurgling gagging.

Unhappy with the way things read, Lauren sets off on a different tack. Something more intellectual for Harmony and Manual Ferrara to get their teeth into.

Seven pages written and Lauren needs more ideas. A banana gives her the inspiration for a scene with Holly. Sitting in a restaurant with her new boyfriend Alec Knight, the wine has gone to Holly's head. When he suggests they go halves on the bill, Holly has other ideas on how to get Alec to pay for the meal. Diners watch as she lifts up her top and gets him to lick at her tits. Spreading her legs, she pushes his head down toward her pussy and pants as she's fingered and licked. With his cock out of his pants, Holly sucks at Alec's prick and tugs at his balls. The pair move to the bar area where, with her legs wide open on a stool, she invites Alec to fuck her. The two swap positions and she sits on his dick. With the bar tender drying glasses, Holly bends over the counter to be filled from behind. She quickly turns to take cum on her face.

Over halfway there and Lauren finds a discarded scene in the recycle bin on her computer. Jenaveve and Joel, as a policeman, fills the spot nicely.

Almost finished with just a few pages to go, Steve Homes offers to help Lauren with a practical demonstration as to what should go in the final scene. 20 pages written and the film is finished.

The style and tempo of 20 Pages & Hot Chicks seems to come from an earlier time and is typical of the type of studio shot plot-based films of the late 80's and early 90's. Whilst it may not be a classic, it's a decent example of this genre of movie and it's nice to see a fledgling Holly in the film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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