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Released: 2005
Notes: Slik
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Third of a triptych of DVDs from photographer David Carter, fucking his models after a photoshoot. Now I know that for every model there has to be a first time, but judging by who the girls are and the way they perform, this is not it. Pretty much every one of the fifteen scenes across three DVDs follows the same format viz: Sitting in his office David introduces the girl who has written/emailed him, frequently sending a picture which he shows the camera. Next we have the interview where a sometimes nervous looking girl is asked "are you nervous?". Then it's down to the studio where we see the girl changing before David takes the stills.

Then, our 'newbies' decide that not only is nude photography acceptable, but they're quite happy to be fucked on video. Quite why producers feel the need to insult their viewers intelligence I don't know. Even John Mason (who has had more than a hand in some of these scenes and the stills sets all appear on his Johnny Rebel website) is happy to introduce gonzo as gonzo.

Christina is first to perform and looks askance during the interview when there is mention of video and someone else watching. But as soon as she's stripped out of her skirt and top and has a vibrator wedged in her pussy she's more than happy to get fucked by Pascal. The sex here is pretty athletic with little Christina (5'1") hoisted onto Pascal's standing cock or piledriven on the floor. Ends with fine facial.

Siobhan's interview is pretty stilted so David gets her downstairs pretty quickly and into a short dress which, mixed with ankle socks, give her a young look. Out of her dress and knickers, Siobhan shows off her terrific slim figure and remarkably firm tits before inserting the giant pink'un into her pussy. Partnering Siobhan is David, a young man I haven't seen before so the could could be related. Siobhan is fairly unresponsive throughout even when taking David's cock up her arse in reverse cowgirl. Ends with facial.

Next to audition is the enigmatic Claire. Nicely spoken but very plain looking, she's transformed when naked, showing her truly remarkable firm tits and big nipples. But oh those crude tattoos that cover her body! As the photo shoot progresses and Claire is stripped to her black holdups, David starts feeling her body then rescinds his pledge of abstinence and sticks his condom clad cock into her pussy. David pauses and cameraman John Mason's cock comes into view. John and David swap the camera and John carries on deeply fucking Claire bareback until she wanks him to a climax.

After the interview, Tanya fixes another young look with a frilly camisole, short skirt and ankle socks. After a few stills Tanya is naked from the waist down as David gives her the dildo. Cute and sexym David can't resist a grope and soon he is fucking her bareback missionary on the studio sofa moving on to fine anal and a decent cumshot. There is no post match report this time!

Lynx goes through the usual interview before the usual stills and strip routine. When Lynx is nice and ready with her stocking clad legs spread and a dildo buried in her pussy, Pascal has been booked to do the fucking. Standard fare with Pascal sticking to the front entrance before shooting over Lynx's face.

Despite David's assertion in volume 2 that he'd given up shagging duties, the temptation of Claire and Tanya proved too much. After most scenes David gives a short assessment which is pretty accurate. Despite the risible premise of these girls being first timers and there being no fee (hardly ethical David, getting your end away, selling the vid and not sharing the gains with the models?), these are still good scenes and at two and a half hours long excellent value. Good film.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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