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Released: 2005
Director: Tom & James
Notes: Wrist Action / Tamber
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

For their first film Tamber have used Starr plus 4 new girls to prove women over 30 can be hot and sexy. The scenes all appear to have been shot using a single camera and the lighting and some of the set-ups give the impression of competently filmed 'Amateur' work rather than a professionally produced production.

Star of the Channel 4 documentary, Diary of a Porn Star Virgin, Frankie appears in her first ever movie. In a crimson red skirt and top she puts on her make-up and talks about how apprehensive she is before her first shoot. Sitting on the sofa beside James, she notices cream still on her boobs and as she rubs it in her tits fall out of her top. James takes the opportunity to suck them as she gets a fit of the giggles. Removing his shirt Frankie licks at James's body, working her way down to his jeans where she tentatively wraps her lips around his cock as her hands wank the shaft. Lying back Frankie pulls her knickers to one side so James can bury his tongue in her smoothly shaved pussy. His efforts make her nipples stand erect. The pair fall to the floor to 69, and, this time with more confidence, Frankie swallows more of his man meat. Stripped and on all fours Frankie's big boobs bounce together as she is bonked doggy style. Smiling and laughing, the pair move around the house to shag, on the dining room table, against the fire place, eventually ending back on the sofa where Frankie is filled from behind. When James cums he fires his load over Frankie's face. She has been christened with spunk.

In a white top and tennis skirt, Starr towers over the guy in the next scene. He kneels in front of her, tonguing and finger fucking her pussy. The couple move to the sofa, Starr pulling down his pants and sucking the slim dick deep into her mouth. Playing with her tits, the man continues to lick between her legs, filling his mouth with her lips as he rubs her clit. Starr bends forward, her boobs brushing against the seat of the sofa as she gently rocks with the guy's cock in her cunt. As she mounts the man cowgirl, her tits slap his face as she grinds on his dick, her hands running over his balls as they bonk. The pair move through various positions, Starr's hair flopping over her face as she is fucked doggy, her legs stretched wide in missionary. Eventually the guy is ready to cum and Starr wanks him off into her mouth and over her cheeks.

Blonde Jayne is rummaging through her bags trying to decide what to wear for the shoot. She finds a black micro dress and thigh length boots, then joins James on the bed. Removing her top, he squeezes her tits, his hands then wander down to her black see-through knickers. Naughty girl Jayne wants to be fucked for at least two hours and hopes James is up for the job. He moves down to her shaven pussy where his tongue sets to work. The pair 69, Jayne cupping James's ball as she swallows his shaft and wedges his head firmly between her legs. Standing at the end of the bed James slips his cock into Jayne's wet hole. She bends forward, thrusting her bum in his groin as her boobs bang on the bed head. Moving back onto the bed Jayne's bum ripples with each stroke as James rams his dick in her pussy. Jayne squats on the bed with her legs bent back to ride James's manhood, then, after being fucked with her feet on his shoulders, she locks her legs round his back to be taken missionary. She appears a little disappointed when he pulls out and creams over her stomach, she had wanted to be fucked more!!!

In a black basque and stockings, Kirsty is rubbing James's cock at the start of the next scene. She may not have made films before but she knows how to suck cock, running her tongue over the head and along the shaft before sinking it deep in her mouth. Lying back, Kirsty fondles her boobs while James occupies his mouth on her minge. With a dog howling in the background, Kirsty climbs on James's cock for a ride reverse cowgirl, then turns to have her tits licked. As her boobs sway, James slips his rubber-clad cock into Kirsty's cunt from behind. Silently the fucking continues. Kirsty makes not a sound as she is shagged spoons, missionary and doggy. When he is ready to fire, Kirsty wanks him over her face and says thanks.

Big breasted and solidly built, Anna is in the final and shortest scene. In black and white tartan skirt and black-lace top, she leans forward to give James a blow job, rubbing the head around her lips then grabbing him by the waist to take his cock deep in her mouth. She sits on the sofa with her legs spread as James tackles her hairy muff, munching and licking. The couple move off to the bedroom where Anna's tits and tummy wobble as she is fucked spoons. The two end on the floor, Anna sliding up and down on James's shaft then rolling over to be taken from behind as he grabs handfuls of boobs. Anna takes the pop shot over her tits, massaging the jizz in with her fingers.

Technically this is not a brilliant film. There are problems with continuity (Frankie's skirt keeps appearing and disappearing during her scene) and the lighting could be better, but as a first attempt it's not bad. As for the cast, Starr has already made a name for herself and her performance in this will only enhance her reputation. Frankie, though nervous, was full of energy and appeared to be enjoying herself and Jayne was hot, naughty and got her self into positions girls half her age couldn't manage. Kirsty's silence marred her scene slightly and Anna was a little too rounded.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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