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Released: 2005
Director: Mark Kulkis
Notes: Kick Ass Pictures
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 106 mins.

It takes a very special and very dirty type of girl to take on ten guys and swallow their spunk. Roxy Jezel, the buxom American Mia Bangg and the petite Nikki Hillton are such girls.

Roxy starts the proceedings, stripping and fingering herself as the boys tell of their previous experiences working with her. By the time the last guy has spoken Roxy is dripping wet, her fingers deep in her pussy, and she's ready to suck cock. Grabbing a prick in each hand, Roxy shoves them into her mouth, slurping and slobbering. Her eyes water as dick after dick is pushed past her tonsils. With her hair plastered against her face Roxy takes two guys at a time, stuffing her cheeks with man meat. She then shoves their balls into her mouth, her tongue lapping at the nut sack. One by one the guys fire into her mouth. Each pop shot is repeated in slow motion and a counter clocks on when Roxy swallows. Ten loads and hardly a drop spilt. What does Roxy want to do next? Drink more spunk.

I have to admit the film did nothing for me. Technically it is very poor. Two cameras have been used and the colour balance is out on both, half the shots are pale and pasty and the rest are too red. Another shock is Nikki Hillton whose long blonde hair falls off during the scene to reveal her close cropped hair. Finally, why show Mia puking after each mouthful of cum? Even if spunk swallowing is your thing this will leave a nasty taste ... There are better films out there. And how did Roxy get talked into such a poor production?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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