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Released: 2006
Notes: Orchid / Vivid Europe
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Running time 110 minutes.

This film has the look and feel of a top quality American production from the mid 90's. With top girls, great sets and stylishly shot, it follows Bobbi Eden as she spends 24 hours in the capital.

Standing on a riverside marina surrounded by luxury yachts, Bobbi stares out. Onboard one of the boats is Elle Brook, looking like a million dollars in her tight g-string panties and flowing blouse. Demitri sits, his trousers tight. Elle runs her tongue over the bulge, slipping it into her mouth. Demitri lays Elle down on the sumptuous cream leather and licks at her hairy pussy. The two kiss and Elle kneels above him and runs her fanny up and down his face. Sliding down his body she takes his cock between her bright red lips and swallows. Her head buried in Versace cushions, Elle is fucked doggy. The two move and Demitri teases her clit with his cock before slipping it deep into her pussy. The scene ends with Elle riding Demitri cowgirl. She crouches to take his spunk over her tongue.

Bobbi heads for an erotic lingerie shop. Assistant Natalie Heck, in her open front dress and heart-shaped nipple tassels, takes her through to the changing rooms. Lee Henshaw, who has been browsing, follows the pair. The girls are kissing as Lee enters. He sits on the floor, removes Bobbi's high heels and black stockings, then licks at her toes. Working his way up her legs, Lee soon has his tongue lapping at Bobbi's black knickers. She stretches her legs as he licks. Natalie swaps places and her tongue dances over Bobbi's pussy as she takes Lee's cock in her mouth. Natalie joins Bobbi in licking Lee's dick - the girls work their way up and down each side kissing with the head between them. Stripped down to the her red knickers, Natalie guides Lee's cock into Bobbi's cunt and she rides him cowgirl. She fondle his balls as they fuck. The girls change places, Bobbi wanking Lee's prick as it slides into Natalie's pussy. Both girls go down on all fours to be taken doggy. Bobbi lies on her side to take dick up her arse. She then rides Lee reverse with his cock up her bum. Natalie joins the anal action just before Lee comes over the girls' faces.

Aaliyah is working as a waitress in a sandwich bar. Steve Hooper and Demitri are her only customers. Her mind starts to wander. She locks the door and removes her white blouse. Her nipples peek over the top of her red bra. Her skirt, bra and black knickers are soon in a heap on the floor as she stands beside the guys in her red stocking and heels. Bending forward, she unzips Steve's cock and starts to suck, Demitri plays with himself under the table. Aaliyah's dark braided hair falls forward into Steve's lap as she licks at his balls. Its now Demitri's turn for a lip sandwich as Aaliyah sinks his man meat down her throat. The boys stand either side of her and her mouth goes from cock to cock. As she lies on the table, Steve works his tongue over her pussy lips and Demitri joins in. Demitri's dick in her mouth, Aaliyah slides her damp pussy down Steve's shaft to be spit roasted. The boys continue to be sucked and fucked as Aaliyah rolls onto her back. Steve is the first to cum over her tits, Demitri fires his load on her pussy... Alas its just a dream for Aaliyah.

As the sun sinks, Veerle, in a sexy black dress, finds herself in an underground club. Steve and Karl are locked in cages in the middle of the floor. Reaching in, she undoes their trousers and grabs their dicks, taking them deep into her mouth. The two are released and lie flat on the floor. Veerle drops her dress and sits on their faces, Karl first then Steve. The sucking of her swollen pussy lips has made her long nipples stand on end. She pulls them as Steve takes her spoons. She then takes Karl in her mouth. Changing places, the boys bang away at Veerle's trim body making he hotter and hornier. She bends to be taken doggy. The two thrust hard into her moist hole. They are ready to cum and Veerle wants their spunk on her face. The two oblige.

Night has fallen and Natalie finds herself in a club. Elle lies on the table in a blue sequinned top and turquoise knickers. On the seat, behind Bobbi and Roxanne are similarly dressed. Natalie pours champagne between Elle's tits, lapping it out of her navel. Steve does the same but pours it over Bobbi's pussy before drinking it up. With each girl getting a guy, the cock sucking starts. The four girls head off to a quadruple size bed and start to kiss, soon they are joined by the boys for an eight way orgy. After all the girls have had their pussies and arses stuffed the boys pop their loads over their faces.

The first three scenes in 24 hours in London are amongst the sexiest and most erotic I have seen in a while, brilliantly shot with a smouldering build-up to the final action. With such a good build up you would expect a cracking climax in the last couple of scenes. These were a bit of a let down. No fault of the guys or girls but technical gremlins between the cameras used mean some of the action is light and bright and others is dark. Don't let this put you off - this is still a very good film. Elle, Natalie and new girl Aaliyah gave top quality performances. If you are after a hot and steamy evening, open a bottle of wine and watch 24 hours in London.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle.

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