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Released: 2006
Director: David Stanley
Notes: Wicked
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Running time: 74 mins.

In a homage to classic French films of the 50's, 1000 words is full of black and white images of beautiful girls in smoke filled rooms. The film is based around photography and features Carman Hart, Gianna Lynn, Jessica Linn and Roxy Jezel, in a number of short scenes.

Wandering around a photographic exhibition, Roxy Jezel bumps into Randy Spears. With the great and the good of the art world admiring the pictures, the pair slip away. Arriving at a large bed, the colour seeps back into the film. Roxy spreads out in her black lingerie, with Randy lapping between her legs. Holding his head, Roxy forces Randy's face hard against her fanny. Sitting up, she winds her fingers round his cock and starts to suck. The pair fall back onto the zebra print bedspread. Gasping, Roxy takes Randy's full length from behind. A thumb is eased into her bum. Quickly rolling over, the sex continues missionary. Pulling out, Randy cums over Roxy's feet. She licks them clean.

A very short film, 1000 words loses its way in trying to be too arty and clever. With not a word spoken throughout, the plot (if there is one) is unclear. Perhaps another homage to French films? OK, the sex in the film is nicely shot, but there's little of it and it's all in only one or two positions. Maybe I'm not clever enough to understand its meaning, but the film did nothing for me.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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