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Released: 2006
Director: Zulu Royale
Notes: Freaky Deaky Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 161 mins.

This film is an excuse for studs Boz and Shane Diesel to use their mammoth man hoods on five unsuspecting girls. The boys may enjoy it, but for the first four scenes, shot in a drab beige studio with unknown and easily forgettable American girls screaming at the tops of their voices, it's uninspiring action and auditory torture. The film only picks up in the last scene with Angel Long.

In pink ankle socks, denim skirt and pink blouse, Angel is spared the tatty fawn backdrop and is shown into a bright blue room. Slipping her tits out of her top, she is interviewed and her hand plunges into her panties as she tweaks her nipples. Handed a large glass dildo, she strips and rubs it against her clit before slipping it into her wet hole. Angel is ready for the boys. With her eyes closed, the guys present her with two huge dicks. Angel takes them in her stride, wanking and sucking on each member. The two can't believe it as their monsters disappear down her throat. Angel opens her legs - she wants cock in her cunt. Rolling onto the floor, Angel writhes and reels with her pussy and mouth filled. Her forehead is covered in perspiration. With the guys lying down, Angel stands astride them and impales herself on the giant shafts. She turns onto her back with knees tucked into her chest and the boys bang her arse. Then she stands and bends forward for more bum banging. Back to the sofa and Angel manages to fill both her holes. Juice and lube drip from her pussy. She finishes the session with her bum hanging off a high stool and the boys thrusting in hard. Dropping between them, Angel fills her mouth with spunk.

While Angel's scene is top rate the same couldn't be said about the rest of the film. The other girls were far too shrill during their lacklustre performances and if the action doesn't turn you off the set certainly will. Even with Angel head and shoulders above the others in the film there is little to recommend it to the viewer.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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