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Released: 2006
Director: James and Tom
Notes: Wrist Action Entertainment / Tamber
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Running time: 136 mins.

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The midlands-based Tamber team have a reputation for using new or little-known mature talent in their straightforward fuck movies. All of the women to be seen here with Tom and James have been on their website for a while, although the scenes/partnering are, in some cases, new. There is no direction for the scenes from cameraman Tom, just an instruction to get on with it.

And the first to get on with it is Bernie, a large thirtysomething with short dark hair and glasses. Initially nervous, Bernie is soon stripped to black holdups and with her skirt around her waist James fucks her in missionary then doggy and cowgirl. The shagging is lengthy and Bernie's initial giggles are replaced with genuine gasps as she rubs her clit. Eventually James pulls off his condom and splashes over Bernie's big tits.

The guys announce this scene is Ember's second (although I don't s'pose it's much different from her first) and things kick off with a bit of banter. Both performers slip their shirts off and have some extended tongue on tongue action before Ember releases James' cock from his jeans for more foreplay, which ends with an orgasm for Ember, stripped to her fishnets and heels in 69. By this time a second cock has appeared (we never see a face) and there is an ugly cut to Ember getting fucked doggy by James while pulling on the second member. Ember gets more of James' cock in reverse cowgirl before the second guy gets to fuck her doggystyle very briefly (seconds) before pulling off his condom and cumming over her bum, which is where the scene abruptly ends.

Alex and James are already in a kissing embrace when the scene begins and this intimacy continues as they undress each other. Alex is the mother I'd most like to shag in this collection. Slim and tall, she has nipples that are almost bigger than her tits. Stripped to her black stockings, suspenders and boots, Alex sits on James, rubbing herself to orgasm against his cock and a little later, ajusting her position to take his cock inside her. Fucking on the bed in doggy, missionary and some more adventurous positions, before James cums over her pussy.

Kimberley is another tall brunette with short hair and dressed entirely in black, who soon gets to work on James' cock. Plenty of foreplay as Kimberley strips to her holdups and starts fucking James in cowgirl. The action continues all over the bed and off it as Kimberley bends over the bed end to get fucked from behind, and a particularly sexy missionary as she points her long stocking clad legs to the ceiling. No condom in this scene which ends with James depositing his load in Kimberley's mouth.

Long haired brunette Cilla has a nice curvy body and big boobs, which are soon on display. The foreplay continues until Cilla is stripped to her black stockings and suspenders before she's fucked on the bed in doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl and spoons. The scene ends with a decent deposit from James over Cilla's tits.

Fans of mature women will enjoy these scenes which have a relaxed feel, with the women obviously enjoying themselves as they snog and orgasm freely. Tom and James know what they like, mature women who enjoy their sex, dressed in black stockings (and suspenders). If this is your taste too, this DVD is perfect.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view (March 2007):

In this second release for Tamber films, Tom and James have found five more mature women who want to make porn. These are not your normal glamorous 'porn star' girls, but the type of woman you'd see in the supermarket queue or down the local pub. In all five scenes Tom acts as cameraman/director and greying James as the stud.

Well made Bernie sits on the bed, her leg tucked under her. Lifting her denim skirt she flashes her stocking tops. The pink lace jumper and white bra are removed and James chews at her sagging boobs. Bernie giggles as she's fingered. A little lube on her fanny, James slips in his cock and her smile reaches from ear to ear. On her hands and knees, her big boobs sway as James bonks Bernie from behind. The pair shag spoons, then Bernie mounts James's cock reverse cowgirl, her belly bouncing up and down as she's fucked. The editing jumps and cuts till James coats Bernie's tits in spunk.

Bubbly blonde Ember is next on the bed. James unbuttons her white blouse as she unzips his pants. Ember falls forward onto his erect cock and, taking it between her lips, she tongues and laps at the shaft. They roll over and James moves down to her bright red knickers and licks at her shaven snatch until, twisting, the two 69. A second cock briefly appears (Tom?) and Ember sucks at it as she is taken doggy style. With interminable views of unidentifiable flesh, the scene continues, Ember eventually ending up reverse cowgirl on James's dick. Face down on the bed, Ember is entered from behind. James pulls out and drops his load on her back and the scene ends abruptly.

When the third scene starts you feel sorry for James ... he only appears to have one shirt. Still, as he kisses Alex, it doesn't stay on for long. Her jumper open, Alex pulls down her bra and bites at her erect nipples. She holds James's cock and her tongue runs up and down its length before she pops it onto her mouth. Alex's hands reach for her pussy as she sucks. Some abysmal editing and Alex is on all fours, James easing his dick past her black knickers. Clothes disappear till Alex is left in her stockings and boots. The two 69. Then she moves down his body to ride reverse. More jerky edits with Alex being taken doggy, then missionary. In the last position she wraps her legs round James's back and pulls him in tight. He cums over her pussy.

Starting with views of the wardrobe, the camera wobbles its way round to Kimberley. The picture goes in and out of focus as it pans over her black dress and zooms in on her knickers. More fumbling with the camera on the bed as James gets his cock sucked and it's handed over to Tom. Kimberley reveals her black hold-up stockings as the dick slides between her lips. Removing her black bra, James pecks at her tits. She holds his balls tight in her hand. The bed begins to squeak as Kimberley mounts James cowgirl. The couple roll over and she is taken doggy. Finally Kimberley ends on her back, James pulling out of her pussy to fill her mouth with cream.

The final scene looks as if it was shot some time ago. James's locks are blonde not grey and big boobed brunette Cilla's black blouse seems dated. James soon gets her bra unfastened and plays with her boobs, Cilla bends forward and licks his cock as if it were a lollipop. Stripped to her stockings she bounces round the bed with him, he banging away doggy then missionary. Cilla climbs onto the cock and her boobs bounce and sway as she rides James. Then the two fall onto their sides and continue spoons. A little more action down on all fours and Cilla falls flat on her stomach, rolling over to take James's jizz on her tits.

In one way the film is commendable, it shows normal 'more mature' women having a lot of fun on camera. The down side is that, whilst it may have been fun to make, poor camerawork and bad editing make it anything but fun to watch. Wobbly views of backs and James's bouncing bum aren't what you pay your money for.

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