< 101 Golden Moments R18 DVD available

Released: 2009
Director: Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS Interactive, scenes repackaged from National Models Peeing Volumes 1-5
Notes and Reviews

Well there could be 101 piss episodes in this compilation of clips culled from the National Models Peeing series - plus the odd clip from other MSS titles. I'm just not anal enough to count or to id every scene. Indeed it's hard to say whether there are 47 girls in the cast, or 44 or 50. Frankly it doesn't matter as it's a blink-and-you've-missed-them kinda edit. All bar three or four scenes from 5 volumes are squeezed into a ridiculously short 65 minutes of playtime.

If you're not into girls pissing you'll only waste an hour watching this. Otherwise, choose one of the originals, ANY one of the originals. I suppose this title must get some kind of award for the biggest cast-to-duration ratio with each performer averaging just over one minute on screen. Pointless.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2009

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