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Released: 2009
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, compilation
  • Aaliyah as Anaya Leon, scene repackaged from Experience Anaya 2
  • Alexis May scene repackaged from Cum Into My Office 2
  • Franky Knight as Frankie Knight, scene repackaged from Hardcore Club Babes 1
  • Paige [2] as Paige Ashley, scene repackaged from Girly Riders 3
  • Tanya Best as Tanya Vale, scene repackaged from Hardcore Rock Chicks 3
  • Viola Von Vild scene repackaged from Slut City Swingers
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

With Pornostatic releasing two compilation films for every new release, the day was bound to come when they ran out of scenes which have only been seen once. Here, both Paige and Franky Knight's scenes have already been included in other Pornostatic compilations (let's hope they both get double royalties). What's even more galling is that Franky's repeat scene has only just been used in DiSanto's previous film, Hardcore Honeys 3. Okay, the performances in the film may be good, but they don't warrant a third appearance in such a short period.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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