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Released: 1991
Director: John Stagliano
Notes: Evil Angel
Notes and Reviews

This film appears to have at least two versions. The version we know of is as follows:

  • Misty McCaine in Linzi Drew's hairdressing salon, slightly cut from other version. The part where Linzi leaves and the initial stages of the sex scene are cut.
  • Two girls picked up by Buttman and Rocco in the street, after some foreplay on stairs, sex scene follows in their flat. "Carla" (Sarah-Jane i.e. Michelle Phillips) and Sarah Walker (Christy Dawn of Lusting London Style).
  • Linzi in salon. Lesbian scene between Kerry Matthews (Carrie Jones) and Misty McCaine omitted here.
  • Blonde Louise Drysden picked up on embankment. Sex scene with Bob Harrison follows in her flat. (Omitted in some versions)
  • Louise Armani and Sarah-Jane picked up outside Buckingham Palace. Sex scene with Rocco follows.

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