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Released: 1993
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Clinic: Dr. Madelaine's Lessons in Lust
Notes and Reviews

Lisa Thorpe (as Brigette Ashley-Warner), Danielle Bastion (Michelle, Fiona Cooper Naomi), Stephanie Hart-Rogers (Gilly Sampson).

  • Lisa Thorpe scene with boyfriend
  • Gilly takes notes while Lydia Chanel and blonde are fucked in clinic
  • Lisa and Michelle with hitch-hiker, includes anal
  • Gilly and Lydia Chanel plus two men
  • Gilly shows Lisa and Michelle around clinic and they see blonde take on two men
  • Gilly takes on three men on roof dressed in red leather gear
  • Orgy with all cast members

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