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Released: 1993
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Private
Notes and Reviews

The video opens with Melanie Rowen as Juliette being initiated into the 'order' run by Frank Thring (aka Arthur Potts when acting) at the manor, i.e. being gangbanged by four hooded men - anal and facials.

Danyel Cheeks (American) is Rosanne, a sex-mad popstar, whose car breaks down and seeks refuge in the gothic manor house with her male driver and female secretary Lucinda (British, bespectacled, Donna Star). Frank Thring welcomes them in and shows them to their rooms - on the way upstairs they pass a man being sucked off by two serving wenches (called Justines after de Sade's heroine). These are Suraya Jamal (credited as Aysha Hart) and Marianne le Monte. The latter breaks away to show the guests to their room and the sex scene continues and develops to anal and facial but is intercut with a lesbian scene between Danyel Cheeks and Donna Star and a scene where Melanie Rowen and Marianne le Monte seduce Danyel's driver.

A scene with Danyel cheeks and two men follows - anal and facial - while Donna Star watches and then goes off with one of the men for sex to facial.

Frank Thring uses a dildo on one of the Justines while Danyel Cheeks watches.

Melanie Rowen brings in the driver to suck him off, joined by Danyel Cheeks for joint facial. There is then an orgy involving all at the banquet.

Donna Star has a sex scene with a monk while Danyel Cheeks is initiated into the order - DP.

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