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Released: 2000
Alternate Titles
  • Teen Asian Stunner Films R Us Video Production
Notes and Reviews

Asian Stunner is 36 minutes long.

Claudia is very chatty with the cameraman. First she strips from a skimpy nurse outfit, playing with her breasts and fingering herself. She fetches her usual white vibrator and talks about her fantasy of being DP'd while using her fingers and her vibrator in her vagina and anus.

Everything takes place in what appears to be a house, rather than a studio. She is mostly on the settee which is positioned under an open staircase. When she goes to fetch her vibrator she goes upstairs although the viewer does not see the upstairs of the house. The bottom of the stairs has furniture positioned so close to it that Claudia has to climb over it to reach the stairs. The cameraman is clearly enjoying himself and so is Claudia, as they are making jokes to one another.

Later on, a radio in the kitchen is turned on for Claudia to perform some sexy dancing which she does for a few minutues, slipping her finger into her anus while dancing and the cameraman takes upwards shots between her legs. The kitchen is adjoining the living room to the left hand side, from the viewers perspective. The scene fades out to end while she is dancing.

Review by Steven

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