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Released: 1988
Director: John T Bone
Notes: Caballero
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Running time: 69 mins.

Director John T. Bone, written by Hugh Jardin - someone must have been listening to the Goons in his youth.

  • Tracy Adams as Ellie Mae
  • Tom Byron as Billie Bob Smith
  • Sarah Williams as Margaret St. John Smith
  • Johnny Dragon as Frank Eastwood
  • Misty Regan as Trish
  • Rally Essen (Rally van kamp) as Worthington
  • Molly O'Brien as Miss Felicity Picadilly
  • Nigel Worthington as Basil St. John Smith
  • Karen Winter as Helen St. John Smith

A silly plot about a supposedly upper-class English family (Sarah Williams and Ken Worthington and their daughter Karen Winter, all with broad northern accents) losing their inheritance to a previously unknown American cousin (Tom Byron). They employ a butler and a chauffeur (Rally Essen) and Molly O'Brien seems to be a maid, but her character name of Miss Felicity Picadilly hardly squares with this.

  • Daughter Karen Winter gets the chauffeur to have sex with her
  • The Americans arrive and the cousin brings along his girlfriend, Tracy Adams and friends Johnny Dragon and Misty Regan
  • Molly O'Brien has a lesbian scene with Misty Regan
  • Karen Winter has sex with Tom Byron
  • Tracy Adams has sex with the chauffeur
  • Molly O'Brien takes on the two American males
  • Finally Sarah Williams has sex with her on-screen husband

In the unlikely event of it mattering to anyone watching, Tom Byron renounces his inheritance asking only for as much as it would take for him to live in comfort with Karen Winter with whom he has supposedly fallen in love.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

American Nympho in London is a strange hybrid film with a half British and half American cast and shot on location in Germany.

The plot of the film and most of the dialogue could have come straight from a Carry On film. The St John-Smythes live in a large country house with their daughter Helen (Karen Winter) and their nymphomaniac maid Molly. Following a family death they find the house is to pass to an unknown cousin from the States, Billy, who is played by a very young looking Tom Byron.

Helen wants for nothing in the house including sex - the chauffeur is there to see to that. She orders him to fuck her and in one of the most unsexy scenes going, just lies there whilst he gives a quick lick then pounds away at her pussy. She shows a little more interest when she comes to ride him, but it's quickly over with him cumming on her tits.

The American cousin arrives with his entourage Tracy Adams, Misty Reagan and Johnny. Needing help to unpack, Misty heads on with maid Molly. The first thing Misty wants out is Molly's ample breasts. She then slips down to taste English pussy and likes it. The girls 69, Misty finger fucking Molly to orgasm. The roles are then reversed with Molly making Misty climax.

Tracy Adams wants to see what the chauffeur does and he gets his dick out to show her.

After finding out that she is adopted, Helen decides to keep the house in the family. Lying with her legs open she invites Tom Byron in. A little tongue work and Tom slips his cock into her pussy. Turning over she grabs and pulls at the bed clothes as she is taken doggy. A few strokes cowgirl and Tom fires over her tits.

Maid Molly is cleaning the boys' room when she find a strategically placed magazine. Flicking through the pages her hand wanders over her pussy just as the boys return to the room. Tom takes his cock out for her to suck while Johnny enters her pussy doggy. They swap ends and Molly moans and groans as she is spit roasted. The scene ends with Johnny gone and Tom banging away at Molly's pussy, then firing over her tits.

Tom renounces his claim on the house providing he can have Helen. Following the celebrations the St John-Smythes (Sarah Williams and Nigel Worthington) are in bed. He goes down to lap at her incredibly hairy muff then squeezes his prick into her tight pussy. Rolling over she rides him then leans right back and the two end shagging missionary. Nigel cums in her pussy, Sarah holds herself open to let his cream dribble out.

Although the film has been re-mastered, the picture quality is less than pin sharp. As for the film itself, it shows just how much things have progressed since it was made. If you want to see permed hair and huge shoulder pads (that's just the men) or see just how things were in the 80's, then watch it. The styling and sex are that bad they are hilarious.

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