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  • Amateur Action Volume 1 Hardcore British Sex 2004 (for DVD) DVD available www.britishvideosex.com A7
Notes and Reviews

scene one - 25mins. maria glasgow & marino. there are no preliminaries.
we find ourselves in a bedroom with marino finger fucking maria. this is quickly followed by a blow job and she is then licked out from behind. doggy style action ensues, eventually leading to her riding on top of him. a rapid succession of position changes take place and a vibrator makes an appearance. the climax results in a facial. plenty of sex talk throughout the sequence.

scene 2 - 25mins. sam (leanne magor) & carl. the cameraman talks to the couple throughout the scene.
from the outset leanne takes charge and displays a liking for sex talk. she launches straight into a blow job, following up with a bout of doggy on the living room floor. next, there is a spot of 69 and a number of other positions, again, on the floor. the end result is a healthy dollop of nivea for ms. magor. an energetic display.

scene 3 - 18mins ? & ?
we find a couple on the floor talking about a sex session they've just enjoyed with another woman. the female is blonde and reasonably attractive. reminiscing, they both get turned on again - fortunately for us. throughout the scene there is a lot of sex talk, with all the action taking place on the living room floor. there follows bj's, 69, doggy, missionary, riding. the scene concludes with the male lying back on the floor tossing himself off - the end product of which she laps up. an authentic performance from both.

scene 4 - 30mins. patricia, fleur rose & neil. the cameraman banters with the performers throughout.
patricia gives neil a blow job but a combination of her long hair and the middle distance camera angle, ensures that the act is entirely obscured from the viewer. this happens repeatedly. when fleur licks out patricia from behind; when neil fucks patricia; when fleur licks out patricia, again; when patricia licks out fleur; when they both simultaneously give neil a bj... each and every time the viewer is excluded by lousy angles and hair, hair, hair. when patricia is fucked from behind we do get a brief glimpse of penetration, which at least proves that h/c is taking place but that's as far as it goes! the finale involves patricia tossing off neil onto his stomach. which we are witness to. hallelujah!

many visitors to this site will be familiar with this material in the form of it's original release as softcore programming on 'the adult channel'. it will be fascinating to see what else materializes from the 'riley' vaults, as many familiar faces will be on show.

as regards this release; the action is condensed, with no longeurs and is supplemented by large amounts of sex banter - always helpful in garnishing these matters. the camera work isn't the most dynamic you'll ever see but the picture quality is first rate. the major bum note was struck by the final scene, with it's lousy set ups.

your reviewer has already seen other planned releases from riley and thankfully, in terms of explicitness, they are in the mould of the first 3 scenes rather than the last. there should be much to look forward too.

reviewed by woodgnome

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