< Arabian Knights

Released: 1970s
Director: George Harrison Marks
Notes: loop, Color Climax 13½ mins.
Notes and Reviews

Color Climax short included in Your Scene collection Mary Millington and Friends. English sound

A businessman is concluding a deal with an Arab sheikh who invites him to inspect his harem which has girls from all over the world, he says. They emerge from a swimming pool, nude and line up for the sheikh to inspect them. They include a black girl (NK0502) who is groped, Rosemary England and two busty blondes (Nicky Stanton and Stevie Taylor). The sheikh takes Rosemary England and Nicky Stanton over to his couch and has a threesome. He invites the businessman to take his pick and he takes the other busty blonde (Stevie Taylor) and has sex with her.

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