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Released: 1998
Notes and Reviews

Heatwave, review copy courtesy of Adult Eye Candy with their usual excellent picture quality

Female cast - Dee, Naomi, Tina Boner, Obsession, Extasy, Osuma - one of these is Amanda Pickering.

This film has a plot which is something to do with a group of gun runners being investigated by a team from the FBI led by Amanda Pickering.

The first scene is of the gang leader‘s bodyguard beginning to have sex with a light-skinned black girl, a groupie type of character, first outside his new house, then moving indoors. The boss interrupts before they get much beyond oral, sending his bodyguard on an errand while he takes over with the girl, having full sex to anal and facial.

There is then a plot development scene with Amanda Pickering setting her two male detectives undercover tasks - one becomes a removal man at the gangster‘s house and the other a potential business partner to the gangsters.

The removal man is seduced by the gangster‘s secretary (anal).

Amanda Pickering and her other colleague are outside the house in a car. The colleague is wired up (I think) and leaves to make a deal with the gangster inside while Amanda listens in. However, she is caught and taken inside where her colleague pretends she is a rival gun-runner rather than a cop. However, she is forced to prove this by having lesbian sex with the two 'gangsters molls'. This develops into an orgy scene with Amanda having sex with the gangster while her colleague has sex with the two girls. Amanda takes a facial.

Then there is another sex scene between the undercover cop/removal man with one of the girls of the house whom he interrupts while she is taking her bath. A condom is used for this scene.

Then the arrests are made and the two male cops say that now the fun is over. Amanda says she doesn‘t know about that and kneels down and unzips them. The following sex scene includes anal, DP and two facials, one of which is a bit of a spray job.

Amanda Pickering is not the world‘s greatest beauty, but there is something appealing about her. This is not her type of movie though as I‘m afraid she can‘t act (or even speak very clearly in this video anyway) and seems out of place. Not that the movie is particularly good anyway, as these 'Die With a Hard-on' affairs seldom work.

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