< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 1: Sweet Pussy Adventure R18 DVD available

Alternate Titles
  • Amazing Omar's Triumphs 1: Teeny Pussy Adventure
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Black Crack Attack DVD available USA, VCA
  • Geile Kusjes uit Londen X-Kiss
Notes and Reviews

In 2003 Omar Williams began re-releasing his material as R18 DVDs through Big Willy Productions. Some programmes, like this one, have been well re-authored with an interview with Omar, trailers and a witty menu featuring a naked Omar being chased by an angry man and Omar picking his nose! There is also a short featurette called "Forty Dicks" which has all the girls from the first 10 Omar releases which are as listed on the database and reminds us of the releases to come. Unfortunately it's under 3 minutes long so each girl has just 3 seconds screen time! Other programmes have been left untouched and simply transferred to DVD.

Cataloguing has been made less than straightforward as some scenes have been released in new titles while others are doubled-up with two programmes on a single DVD. As a result run times vary from 90 minutes to over 3 hours.

Dozens of girls have written to Omar wanting to appear with him so he is going through the letters when his neighbour, Lucy, calls in and says she would like to appear too, which she does, right there on the floor and the sofa. Sex includes deep anal and ends with a facial. So accustomed has Omar become to leaving rapidly that this time he leaves his own home via the kitchen window.

When Omar eventually finds Jessica's house, she won't let him in because her father's at home, so he climbs in through her bedroom window. Once inside Jessica proves to be a willing partner and they have some vigorous sex on her bed, which concludes with a facial. Omar leaves when Jessica's father hammers on her door. Despite a career in porn, Jessica has an innocent look which adds to the reality of this scene, but is still a great shag.

Amanda Pickering is decorating her flat when Omar calls because she has asked to model. She strips out of her boiler suit and into her birthday suit. There follows sex on the sofa, including missionary anal after which Omar pulls out and cums over her pussy. An early performance from Amanda who looks a little uncomfortable at times and not as fit and toned as she does now.

Finally Omar makes another visit, but the potential model is out so he is let in by Vicky, her Librarian flatmate. Fortunately brunette Vicky is a willing substitute and convinces Omar (by stripping down to her black stockings and removing her glasses) that she'll do. I actually think that Vicky looks better and sexier in her glasses, but no matter, Omar gives her a good seeing to on the sofa. There is no anal and the scene ends with a facial.

This is run of the mill stuff with photographer Bert taking no part in proceedings, although it will appeal to collectors for the unique appearance of Vicky.

Review by Bayleaf

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