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Released: 2001
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Notes: Digital Rain
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Running time: 71 mins.

Shot under the blazing Californian sun, this is a short film in which the Brits Jessie and Layla make up 50% of the female cast. Each of the three scenes starts with a short interview where the girls tell of their likes, dislikes and favourite colour etc. It's then into the action.

Layla~Jade slowly strips beside the pool. She is keen to show her newly enlarged breasts to the interviewer and can't wait to get fucked. When the guy arrives he's straight down to work, peeling off her knickers and licking her pussy as he shoves his fingers into her arse. Turning, Layla pulls down his trousers and runs her tongue over the head of his cock before taking it deep into her mouth. With jets of water fountaining into the pool behind her, Layla goes down on all fours to be fucked doggy style. The couple roll over, Layla holding onto her tits as she bounces up and down on the guy's shaft. With her back on all fours, the guy grabs Layla's hips, rocking her back and forward with his dick up her bum. Pulling out, he is ready to cum and Layla~Jade wants it over her face.

Jessie J appears in the second scene with the Vietnamese girl Cheryl. The two strip separately then join each other in a rose garden for some girl on girl fun. Lying on a beach towel with her legs open, Jessie gently caresses her clit as Cheryl tongues her arse. When both holes are wet Cheryl slips in her fingers, working them slowly round inside Jessie. Cheryl produces a toy which is eased in and out of Jessie's pussy till her legs and body quiver. The girls change places, Jessie licking Cheryl's large labia as she fingers her bum. She then pops a small vibe into her pussy, holding it till Cheryl pants with pleasure.

Asses in the Air 3 is a little on the short side, but the two bonus scenes (44 minutes) boost it up to a respectable length. For Jessie and Layla~Jade fans the film contains some good early work from the pair, though because of the bright sunlight some of the action is in shadow. For the general viewer, if this had been a full-price film I would normally leave it but the film only cost $4.99 (£3 real money), so it's a bargain; even with an extra quid for P+P it's worth buying.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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