< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 6: Gym Sex Adventure R18 DVD available

Notes: DVD with no. 5
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Anal Workout DVD available USA, VCA
  • Big Willy: Gym Sex Sessions
  • Big Willy: Im bumsfidelen Fitness-Club MTC, Magma
Notes and Reviews

Bayleaf's Notes:

In 2003 Omar Williams began re-releasing his material as R18 DVDs through Big Willy Productions. Some DVDs have been well re-authored and issued as single programmes with an interview with Omar, bonus footage, and a witty menu featuring a naked Omar being chased by an angry man and Omar picking his nose! Other programmes have been left untouched and simply transferred to DVD. This programme is in original format.

Cataloguing has been made less than straightforward as some scenes have been released in new titles while others are doubled-up with two programmes on a single DVD. As a result run times vary from 90 minutes to over 3 hours.

2004 DVD release with Amazing Omar's Triumphs 5. Butt Jammin' Adventure.

Omar decides to join a West End Gym and is shown around by receptionist Kelly Aris. In the reception area Kelly checks Omar's physique, especially his cock. Omar sits naked on the sofa while Kelly removes her top, hitches her skirt, pulls her pants aside and sinks onto his cock. Kelly is given a fine, hard shagging including being lifted off the floor. Bert gets his cock sucked too before Omar fucks Kelly's arse then both guys cum over Kelly's tits. During the tour Bert sneaks a peek in the ladies sauna where a topless Jaime Lee hurriedly shuts the door in his face.

Omar returns to the gym, past Kelly, and finds Sarah on the running machine. Omar starts on some weights while Sarah works out in bra and pants. After some extended chat Sarah notices Omar's swelling cock in his shorts and takes it in her mouth. Both then strip and Sarah mounts Omar for some athletic sex on all kinds of gym equipment. Our viewing pleasure is enhanced by some very large mirrors. The scene ends with a facial, and is that Sarah's boyfriend ... ?

Visit three, and Omar is getting a drink from the machine when he meets Scottish Chloe who's just popped out from the sauna. The boys can't resist trying to get a look at a naked Chloe as she dozes and this leads to sex in the sauna. Good hard positions followed by doggy anal and a cumshot over Sarah's luxuriant bush. Bert then produces his load over Chloe's tits.

In the treatment room Omar meets the manager Mrs Smith, played by Holly. After some very stilted dialogue she tells Omar that she knows what he's been up to these past few days and now she wants a look at his cock and have sex. Holly takes his cock in her mouth, then removes her business suit and in stockings and undies uses a dildo on herself, which is quickly replaced by Omar's cock for sex in most positions. During a particularly fine sequence, with Omar fucking Holly's bum in doggy, the odd-job man appears so she gives him a bj followed by a cowgirl dp with Omar underneath. The guys give Holly two facials and Bert adds a third. Very good scene.

One final detail, it looks like Tony de Serghio here as Bert on camera and cock.

Scott Rider's Notes:

Scene 1: Omar goes to a Gym and meets Kelly Aris on reception. She shows him around. Then small talk in the waiting room. Oral, sex most positions, anal, the cameraman joins in for a BJ, two body cumshots.

Scene 2: Omar is exercising in the Gym and so is Sarah Edwards. Oral, sex in most positions in front of the mirrors, body cumshot.

Scene 3: Very short scene where Omar goes into the sauna and disturbs a naked Jaime Leigh but no sex.

Scene 4: Omar goes back into the sauna and disturbs big boobed Chloe Anderson who is asleep. Oral, sex in most positions, body cumshot. The cameraman also gives her a body cumshot.

Scene 5: Holly [2] is the older manager of the Gym dressed in business suit with stockings. She gets talking to Omar and then gives him the benefit of her experience. Oral, sex in most positions, anal, the cameraman joins in, DP, two facials and, I think, another by a third unknown actor.

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