< A.E.R. (Adult Entertainment Robot) Volume 1 R18 DVD available

Released: 2002
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Pumpkin Films for the review copy.

Female cast credits: Cathy Barry, Jane Whitehouse, Michelle Thorne, Angel Long, Martha (Taylor Morgan), Rebecca Smyth, Lucy Law, Karina Clarke, Stephanie Grant, Sarah Wright, Laura Millburn (Meadows), Bev Thornton (Beth Thornton on the box cover).

Phil Barry runs an adult entertainment service supplying life-like robots which perform sexual services for both male and female clients. The robots are all dressed (initially) in tight, shiny, metallic grey and very sexy body suits. Sometimes these services are provided on the premises and sometimes in the clients' homes.

  • Angel-Long and Jane Whitehouse turn up to hire two female robots who are Cathy Barry and Michelle Thorne. An energetic four-way lesbian scene follows including licking, finger fucking and dildo action, with a dildo DP for Cathy. This is well shot with close-ups zooming out to full body shots.
  • Pete Le Meat and Lee Henshaw have hired two robots (Taylor Morgan and Rebecca Smyth) which are not working, just lying inert on the bed. They ring up Phil Barry who sends round a couple of engineers and a spare robot - Lucy Law. The engineers re-activate the two originals and Lucy and a fivesome ensues in which Rebecca strictly limits herself to lesbian action, mainly on Taylor at first, and including use of a dildo. Lee gets a blowjob and fucks Lucy and Pete does the same to Taylor, but there is a bit of variation as Taylor also gives Lee a blowjob while being fucked by Pete. She ends by taking both their facials simultaneously.
  • Stephanie Grant and Karina Clarke visit the lab to use the services of two robots - Laura Meadows and Sarah Wright and another four-way lesbian scene follows with licking, fingering and dildos.
  • A man rings up to hire a robot and Bev (or is it Beth) Thornton materialises on his couch. A b/g scene follows, including doggy anal and part facial.
  • The last scene is similar to the previous one. This time Frazer rings up and Angel-Long appears on the sofa. This time there is also A2M and a much messier facial.

Though the variations were being repeated by the end, this is a very enjoyable video, with gorgeous girls, some of whom are new to me and some of whom have previously been seen only in TVX or TAC programmes. The sex is vigorous and well-shot. It made me eager to watch the second one, and fortunately, courtesy of Pumpkin Films, I could indulge myself straight away.

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