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Released: 2003
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Running time: 75 mins.

This is a relatively short studio-based film starring Amanda Dawkins who just wants her bum filled any way she can. There are two girl/girl scenes (with Maria and Rachel as Kali) and one girl/boy session with Lee Henshaw.

In a mint green summer dress Kali has turned up at Amanda's where she wants to become a model. She wants some nice pictures taken to show her granny what she does. Hopefully granny is as open minded as Kali is open legged. Amanda explains the only way to get good shots is to have a wet pussy and the only way to get a wet pussy is to have it fingered and sucked. Once it's wet Amanda uses a bright pink vibrator on Kali to keep the juices flowing. When it's Amanda's turn to be played with she wants to be stuffed with fingers and a good squirt of KY helps. Kali then uses the dildo up Amanda's bum as the pair 69. It's then both off for a pee. After groping in the toilets it's along the corridor to a dressing room for the fingering to continue, where the scene abruptly ends.

Next Amanda is doing some weight training. Three lifts and she pulls a muscle in her chest, but fortunately Lee is on hand to massage things better. Amanda realises a muscle at the top of her leg has also gone which Lee has to investigate with his tongue. All this massaging and licking has given Lee a stiff muscle and Amanda offers help by taking it deep into her mouth. Getting on all fours Amanda is taken doggy style in the bum. Her exercises aren't yet finished - she still has riding to do, first in her closely-cropped pussy, then in her arse. More bum banging in missionary follows, then Lee empties his load over Amanda's tits.

Maria has joined Amanda for a bed time feast. Filling their faces with pop corn isn't enough for the girls as they move to munch on nipples. Taking off Maria's white T-shirt and pulling down her tartan trousers Amanda chews away at the tight white knickers. Soon they are soaking and have to be removed giving full access to her pussy. To add flavour wine is trickled over Maria's mop of blonde pussy hair. Stripping, Amanda wants the same done to her. Maria finds a toy to slip into her pussy which Amanda quickly moves to her arse. A silver vibrator is found which is used on Maria as Amanda continues to pound her arse with plastic.

The film gives the impression of being rushed, with no thought as to how to develop the scenes to a proper conclusion. It also appears that every last second of film was used in this short film which means shots which would normally be confined to the cutting room floor have been used. Great if you want to hear drills in the background and see the studio lights, ladders and fire extinguishers etc., but off putting if you just want to watch the action (which is why most people buy the film). It's a pity the girls were let down by poor production values. No wonder the director wanted to remain anonymous.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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