< Assault That Ass 1 DVD available

Released: 2002
Director: Dion Giarusso
Notes: Red Light District
Alternate Titles
  • That Ass 1 R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Non-British performers: Monica Sweethart, Daniella Rush, Paris, Lea DeMae, Angela Crystal

All 5 scenes in this film follow a similar pattern: A man or men interview their female co-stars for 3-4 minutes before equal amounts of oral sex, straight sex followed by barely lubricated anal. Not really as much anal assault as I was hoping for really.

The film comes across as a boat load of European stars having arrived and then earning their green cards by shagging. I would say that pretty much all the girls in this film are hungry and willing, however they all do seem to be more hungry for the ensuing fame than for the scenes they are involved in - with the exception of Ms Rush and of course our English ladies.

Their scene, together in a MFF threesome with TT Boy turns out well with TT Boy going through his usual routine of mild strangulation and rough sex, but he really does look both out of his depth with two much hungrier sexual partners and somewhat short next to Ms Long. He also doesn't seem all that interested in the scene. I guess he'd have retired by now had it not been for viagra.

As I stated before all the ladies here are hungry, but only the English girls seem to look past the work and actually seem to be enjoying themselves.

All in all it felt a little short of passion. Oh and anal sex!

Final note: The last scene I found extremely repellant. Although I do enjoy the nastiness of A2M, the sight of a fame hungry little girl having a filthy TT Boy penis pushed into her mouth has put me off of A2M for some time to come I guess! Why no enemas?! Oh and final final note, in the interview for this girl's scene the actors of the piece treat the loss of the actress's real-life virginity at the age of 12 to a 27 year old man rather criminally! They laugh and joke about it saying 'My hero'. Suffice to say I didn't keep the video.

Review by H4B

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