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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Wild Films

Layla~Jade plays an assistant or partner to Karl in some sort of business. Karl has to go out and wants to know if Layla can cope with interviewing an applicant for the job of secretary. Layla offers to relieve his tension before he goes, and, with lots of her trademark dirty talking she slowly strips and teases him. He finger fucks her and gets a blowjob (deepish throat). He then fucks her over the desk (doggy) and in the chair (reverse cowgirl) before he realises the time and has to leave abruptly.

Layla is left to bring herself off in the chair, but she is interrupted by the arrival of the job applicant, Sarah (Angel-Long). In what would be sexual harassment if she was a male, Layla demands that Sarah earns the job with her sexual favours. Tongues and fingers turn to strap-ons and a vibrator in Layla's arse while she is being fucked doggy style by Sarah wearing the strap-on.

Karl returns and joins in a very hot job interview. He gets a joint blowjob and fucks them both in various positions, including fucking Sarah doggy style while Layla is wanking sitting on the floor beneath her. Sarah gets a doggy anal while on top of a 69 with Layla. Karl cums over Layla's tits and Sarah licks it up.

This is perfectly good porn and the legion of fans of Layla~Jade and Angel-Long will be pleased. However, there are one or two reservations about the pace of proceedings and the amount of content.

This is essentially one scene in three parts and is perhaps stretched a bit thin over 90 minutes, though the slow build up at the start is good. The economics of porn production in the UK may dictate this. I wish I knew how to get out of this cleft stick, but UK porn will be competing with R18 stuff produced overseas including American DVDs with five scenes spread over two hours. A chapter menu and trailers of the next releases would have helped make up for this.

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