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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

Sin City

Each scene begins with an interview of the girl conducted by the same man, the same pleasant, jokey American as in the last scene of Filthy Little Whores 6. Then they get down to action. The girls and the interviews are fine, the camera work is good, but the scenes are routine.

  • Bev Cocks and Steve Hooper, anal, facial.
  • Danielle Kelson and Justin in an empty Club Acquarium, reverse cowgirl anal, cums over tits.
  • Leyli and Cheyne Collins, doggy and reverse cowgirl anal, facial.
  • Simone-Claire and Ian on a snooker table, reverse cowgirl and spoon anal, facial.
  • Sarah Daykin and Cheyne Collins on a kitchen table, reverse cowgirl and doggy anal, facial.

Dimjick's view:

Scene one: Bev and Steve (Beverley Cocks) - Scene starts with Bev being interviewed whilst sitting on sofa, Steve Hooper comes in to scene naked and ready. Bev strips and does a short dance, then gets licked and fingered as she lies on sofa. She gives him BJ, then has sex with Steve, reverse cowgirl and spoon. He then has anal sex with her from rear as she kneels on sofa. Then spoon anal and finishes with a facial.

Scene two: Danny and Justin (Danielle Louise Kelson)- Interviewed in nightclub, she then strips to G-string and bends over for interviewer. Male arrives who she then strips and pushes onto chair, and gives him BJ, licks balls and shaft, whilst kneeling on floor. She then lies on chair and is licked and fingered. Sex from rear with her kneeling on chair and then sits on him as he sits on chair for anal sex then anal whilst she lies on table. Finishes off with her getting cum on tits.

Scene three: Lailie and Cheyne (Leyli) - Lailie is interviewed whilst sitting on sun lounger in garden, strips, bends over and talks dirty whilst pulling her cheeks apart. Male arrives and she gives BJ, then sex on bench in sauna in missionary position. Anal sex from rear as she kneels on bench. Anal reverse cowgirl as she talks dirty again and finishes off with facial as she lies on her back on bench.

Scene four: Claire and Ian (Simone-Claire) - Claire is interviewed whilst sitting on snooker table in outhouse. Male arrives and he strips her, she gives BJ as he sits on snooker table. He then licks and fingers her including a four-finger fisting as she lies on table. They have sex in missionary position, then sits on him for anal sex followed by A2M as she gives him another BJ and sits back on him for more reverse anal cowgirl. Then spoon anal followed by facial with some come in mouth.

Scene five: Sarah and Cheyne (Sarah Daykin) - Sarah is interviewed in kitchen (appears a little nervous), strips to thong and sits on table playing with pussy. Male enters and he starts kissing her breasts and pussy and she gives him BJ. She then sits on table as he licks her and gives her a vigorous fingering (which she enjoys) and licks her again. They have sex as she lies on her back on table whilst he is standing, then anal sex from behind, whilst she leans on table. He lies on table as she straddles him for reverse cowgirl anal. He then gives her a facial some in mouth most on chin and dripping onto her chest as she kneels on floor and him kneeling on the table.

It is nice to see both Sarah Daykin and Leyli in hardcore action, and all the girls give enthusiastic performances. Sarah and Leyli's scenes are probably the best in my opinion though perhaps I am being a little biased. There are many extras including more interviews and photos, Sarah is so nervous she nearly trips over herself at one point. The only down side I find is the annoying electronic music played in the background of each scene, why they have it so loud is a mystery.

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