< Angelica's Lesbian Adventures

Released: 2004
Director: John Graham
Notes: Babyface (Score)
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Running time: 93 mins.

Angelica's Lesbian Adventures features five young Brits in four gentle girl on girl scenes. Angelica, as the star of the film, appears with each girl in turn in this studio based romp.

The first scene takes place in a bedroom set. Angelica, in a crochet blue top and skirt, is sitting on the bed with Nadia who is almost identically dressed but in pink. The girls snog and undo the laces which hold their tops. The kissing slowly moves down till they are sucking on each other's boobs. Lifting their skirts reveals white knickers pulled tight across pussies and arses. Angelica slides down Nadia's body, removes her panties and starts to lick at her lips as she slips a finger in her arse. Nadia fondles Angelica's pert boobs on her way down to playing with her clit, the two 69 licking and finger fucking each other till they orgasm.

Angelica is unwell and lying in bed, when her brunette friend Kerry calls. She finds her reading a porn mag and fingering herself under the sheets. Looking at the photos, Kerry has an idea on how to get Angelica up and about. She yanks the sheets back, buries her head between her legs and starts to lick. Slipping off her pale blue dress and peeling down her knickers, she sits on Angelica's face then falls forward to 69. On all fours, Kerry lets Angelica work a large pink dildo into her cunt. After pulling it out her pussy is dripping, Kerry rams the wet toy up her arse. Angelica produces a double-ended dong which the pair practice blow jobs on. They then share it in their pussies, rocking and grinding on the toy till they climax.

Angelica and Ali have been held in detention after school, but the teacher is nowhere to be seen. Ali pulls out a porn mag from her desk and blurts out a secret. Her pictures appear in the mag and she opens it to show Angelica. Angelica also has a secret and, flipping through a few more pages, her pictures also appear. The two kiss as they remove each other's blouses. They then move to suck each other's tits, getting their nipples nice and hard. With lots of giggles, the girls discard their knickers and climb onto the teacher's desk for muff munching. If only they had some toys... Angelica lifts her desk lid and produces a vibrator. Turning on full power she holds it tight on Ali's clit before screwing the humming toy into her pussy. She opens the desk again and an even larger toy appears. Ali fingers Angelica's love box then thrusts the vibe in deep, working it till she cums.

Back in the bedroom, Lorna has called. She is wearing her green summer dress and red heels. The girls are supposed to be going out, but Angelica is not feeling 100%. Lorna thinks a good massage may change her mind and covers her back in cream. Lorna's hands go down further than Angelica expects and she is soon licking her arse and fingering her pussy. Lorna licks her wet fingers before removing her dress, then climbs on top of Angelica for some 69 action. The girls' pussies glisten as their fingers squelch with juices. A pink toy appears which is used to stimulate Lorna's clit and is then popped in her pussy till she climaxes. Angelica wants some of the same and uses the toy on herself with the same result.

This is a nicely shot and paced movie where, judging by the giggles and laughs, all the girls enjoyed themselves. This shows in their performances. There's no screaming, pulling or spitting, just good tender erotic girl-on-girl action, A joy to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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