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Released: 2002
Notes: Relish XXX
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Review copy courtesy of Relish / Tongue in Cheek

The male boss comes into an office and finds Jamie Woods bending over a desk. He is leaving and she gives him a leaving present, putting on a show for him by masturbating and using a dildo on herself. Then they have sex, including anal and an impressive facial.

Then we see Bev Cocks scolding her staff and being rude to client Arran Bawn. He retreats to the car park and sits in the car reading some business papers while a blonde female chauffeur (Monroe) cleans the bonnet. Simone-Claire joins him in the car to placate him after the row in the office and after a lot of double entendring they have sex. The chauffeur watches, then joins in for a threesome. Simone gets a doggy anal and facial.

Karina Clarke (as Jo-Lee) is a secretary with a bitchy blonde, slightly older, boss (Taylor [2]). After her telling off Karina fantasises about turning the tables on her in a g/g daydream sequence involving dildos and a butt plug for Karina.

Finally Arran and two male employees of the firm sit round the table and discuss how Bev Cocks should pay for her earlier rudeness. This is accomplished by her taking on the three of them on the conference table. She ends a vigorous sex session with a facial, a cumshot over her tits and then one over her belly.

Another very good set of vignettes from this company. Realistic seduction would be better than the dream sequence device employed twice here, but it is much more difficult to achieve.

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