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Released: 2004
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Rude Britannia, formerly Adult Channel series
Notes and Reviews

Anna Span is creating a particular style for her porn work. Fans of instant wham-bam action will find the pace a little slow as Anna carefully develops each scene. By the usual definition these are gonzo vids, as the director and camera are acknowledged, but they have more in common with a tv documentary because Anna develops a relationship with one or more of the performers, coaxing out information in conversation, before the fucking begins. Anna also has a nice eye, with many of the shots very well framed, none more so than opening scene.

1. Jill the Ripper

Anna is round at Jamie Wood's Whitechapel flat where Jamie is looking out of the window at the Jack-the-Ripper tour. Fed up with the tour disturbing her, she spots Tony de Serghio in the group. Jamie decides to join the tour and at the first opportunity drags Tony back to her flat where she pounces on him. On a long couch, sitting astride him, she removes his clothes and sucks his cock, then Tony slips on a condom, pulls her pants aside and fucks her where she sits. Still wearing her dress around her waist, Jamie is fucked doggy over the coffee table, seizing an apple from the fruit bowl in her mouth to muffle her screams. Tony pulls out and wanks over Jamie's bum and the scene ends with them kissing and chatting.

2. Lee Loves Lucy

In the car driving down to Sussex, Lucy tells Anna that she wants to get inside Lee Henshaw's pants. Lee is down on the farm with some part time firemen chums and we see a lot of banter as all the guys show Lucy and Anna their engine and kit. After a madcap ride around the farm in the engine, everyone leaves Lee and Lucy alone in a field with the engine. Lucy seizes her chance and the two kiss and slowly undress each other. Lucy has cheekily worn a garter and when they're both naked, Lee bends Lucy over the engine's steps and fucks her, then they move into the crew's cab so that they can do it face to face. Lee cums over Lucy's belly and the two leave the cab to pick up their clothes and get dressed.

3. Neil Down for Jo

Drinking with Anna in a pavement café, Neil Bow complains that girlfriend Jo is overworked. Anna suggests Neil goes back to the flat and shag her, and everyone else follows. Obviously stressed, Jo is clearing up in the kitchen and says she can't go out. Neil gives her a squeeze which allows Jo to discover a large carrot in his trousers. Anna and the camera excuse themselves to get beers, but hang around on the stairs. Neil's persistence pays off and he undresses Jo (amidst much kissing), lifts her onto a work surface and licks her pussy, sending a tray of cutlery crashing to the floor. Wearing just her bra, Jo kneels and sucks Neil's cock then sits back on the work surface and works the carrot into her pussy. This is very convincing stuff. Eventually the couple move to the kitchen table where they fuck missionary, cowgirl and, bending over the table, doggy, where Neil pulls out and spunks over Jo's back. The scene ends with Jo, still naked, phoning her work to tell them she's late.

4. Horny Halloween

Its Halloween at Karina's and Steve Hooper is in fancy dress as the devil. Several other people are present including Anna. Karina's fancy dress is a short black dress and when the other's leave to go to the party, Steve isn't keen to join them. Instead he and Karina get intimate on the sofa. There's much kissing and laughter as they get undressed, then Steve gets to work licking Karina's pussy, emerging with a set of comedy fangs. Karina gives Steve's cock a good suck, then she lies alongside him in her fishnets and boots to have sex in spoons followed by deep missionary and a facial for Karina. As the film ends, the action moves to nightime Soho where Steve and Karina, in their Halloween outfits, are running through the streets.

5. China Chelsea

Angie George and Jenna Lee are loading ceramics from her studio into a van. Back upstairs amongst the pots, Jenna starts to clear up, then everyone decides to go down the pub. After some improvised chat in the bar, the two girls return and, feeling relaxed, Angie takes Jenna's top off, followed by the rest of her clothes. Jenna lies stretched across the workbench in front of the window while Angie gives her pussy a good licking. Angie fetches a vibrator which she uses on Jenna; then Angie herself starts to undress and lies over the bench for the licking and vibrator treatment. The scene ends with the naked pair kissing. Another very convincing scene because Anna doesn't force the pace and the girls interact well.

Anna's careful direction and casting, which pairs performers who have some genuine chemistry between them, make these short films very erotic indeed. Even worth trying on the girlfriend. Excellent.

Review by Bayleaf

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