< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 25: Bitch Inspection DVD available

Released: 2003
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Bitch Inspection DVD available USA, VCA
  • Omar's Amazing Triumphs: Bitch Inspection DVD available Shiva
Notes and Reviews

Omar is a groundsman at an amateur football club. Bored with mowing the grass and painting the lines, he wanders off into an adjoining field to find Amanda Blaire having sex with her bloke. He creeps up and is invited to join in.

Adjourning to the club bar, Claudine (Luciana, looking spectacularly fit) refuses to serve him, but gets him to serve her - b/g behind the bar follows to a strong facial.

Back in the adjoining field he finds Selina [2] and Cassy having girlie fun, including dildos. He trips as he tries to creep up on them and they spot him but he is invited to join in, at least to the extent of getting a blowjob from Selina [2] and being allowed to go down on Cassy. He cums over Selina's tits.

In the workshop, trying to repair his mower, he is joined by Jackie [7] (according to the credits, but she calls herself Catherine) and she has her wicked way with him to a cumshot over her tits.

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