< Amazing Omar's Triumphs 26: Arse Fucking Anal House DVD available

Released: 2003
Alternate Titles
  • Big Omar's British Adventures - Arse Fucking Anal House DVD available USA, VCA
Notes and Reviews

Opening sequence incorrectly credits Paige.

Omar and Bert are on their way to a party when they pick up two hitch hikers, Rebekah Jordan and Louise Louellen. After groping each other in the back of the car, the girls reward them for the lift by giving them a g/g show back at their flat. A good sexy build up to this scene.

Omar and Bert then tear themselves away and go on to the party, but their car breaks down and they knock at Chloe [11]'s door. Chloe shows them round while they wait for a taxi and doesn't take long to get inside Omar's trousers, extracting two cumshots.

All thoughts of the party are abandoned and Bert wakes up Omar in Chloe's bedroom next morning - no sign of Chloe. Omar's breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of Simone who has her way with him over the breakfast table, including anal. Ian arrives after another car breakdown and joins in - DP and two facials.

Then Bert explores and finds Simone and Faye on the couch where Ian joins them for a threesome. Two more breakdowns make this a fivesome as two more men arrive and then Omar returns as well. Faye takes a DP and she and Simone share facials.

This is one of the best of Omar's recent efforts.

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