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Released: 2003
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Corey Jordan, this is formula porn in extremis. The five scenes all start with a short arty/swirl/dance sequence followed by an introduction to camera by each model. These interviews are all but unintelligible, when will directors realise that interviews like this require a mike on the speaker?

Four Brit girls and the American Rhiannon Bray perform in locations that could be either side of the Atlantic except for the familiar bathroom in scene four with Kat Varga.

Angel-Long gives a polished performance on a black couch with an unfamiliar stud who could be a Brit or a Yank. Anal is introduced early and the scene includes A2M and concludes with a facial.

Paige is paired with Ian (Dirty Dog) Tate. Paige wears a slinky red dress that remains on (around her waist) throughout the action on a dark red sofa. This is a relatively short scene but Paige acquits herself well with clear anal penetration in spoons and reverse cowgirl. Scene ends with a facial.

Kat Varga and friend (a dark haired guy with distinctive blond highlights who appears in the Confessions of a Photographer series) decide to take a bath together. Kat gets a fairly extensive finger fucking in the pussy and arse before she gets it straight up the arse reverse cowgirl. This scene is all-anal with A2M and ending with a messy facial.

Alyssa announces she loves to fuck on film and proceeds to confirm this statement with a very intense performance. The stud, who I didn't recognise, just about keeps up with her, but I felt Alyssa deserved a really well-endowed guy as she thrashes about flushed and gleaming with perspiration. For me this was the best scene, and will be enjoyed by those who like their women well fleshed with big (enhanced) boobs. Plenty of missionary and reverse cowgirl anal, the latter with Alyssa's pussy winking invitingly and crying out for a second guy. Scene ends with another good facial.

Three excellent Brit Girls (and A-L) who, at the time of release, are relatively unknown so their anal performances are welcome, but the whole thing is so predictable and uninspired that the director should be ashamed. Shouting action at the beginning and cut after the cumshot is not directing.

Review by Bayleaf

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