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Released: 2003
Director: Corey Jorden
Notes: Sinister / Sin City
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Running time: 108 mins.

Shot on a run-down hill ranch under brilliant blue skies, Ashley Long is the last girl to appear in Corey Jorden's film about girls who love it up the arse.

In a pink mini and matching top, Ashley wanders the garden, hiking her skirt to show her panties pulled tight into her snatch, then flashing her tits at the camera. Shifting indoors, she caresses her body then rams a big pink butt plug up her arse. While the toy is still wedged in her hole, Lee Stone enters the room. His first move is to penetrate Ashley's pussy with his prick. She shudders and shakes with each thrust into her wet cunt. Lee bends to pull out the plug and lick Ashley's clit, her juices trickle over her lips. Positioning his cock at the entrance of Ashley's arse, he eases in his length, rhythmically pumping away. Ashley moans and screams as her bum is plundered. She climbs on top of Lee and the anal action continues, his balls slapping her pussy as she bounces on his shaft. Lee's balls twitch as he fires his cum deep into Ashley's bum. She squeezes the white cream over his cock then licks it clean.

The film is a pleasant view, but nothing makes it stick out as outstanding. Ashley along with Venus and the rest of the girls put in competent but not earth-shattering performances. A Train 5's biggest problem is that there are a lot of other films out which look very similar and with almost the same cast.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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