< Anal Away Days Vol. 6: Road Trip To Northampton R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Marino
Notes: Spanking Tomato
Alternate Titles
  • The Northampton Trip Television X series
  • Road Trip To Northampton
Notes and Reviews

Usual format with Mario taking his crew of photographers and studs around the country in his Mercedes mpv. Lots of well-filmed sex in hotel rooms and apartments plus some awkward, illegal, but very arousing stuff filmed while travelling on the motorway. These scenes and some others would never make it past the BBFC (wot, no seatbelts?) so it's good to see this series uncut available over the internet.

Some very professional models are mixed with a couple of newbies for an interesting mix. Not my favourite, although I don't think I've seen Rebekah look more gorgeous in her lingerie. Two hours of non-stop action enhanced by accelerated editing, worth every penny.

Mario performs introductions as Snapper brings Bev Cocks round the Chez Mario. Elsewhere Rebekah is getting ready and looks stunning in designer lingerie and stockings. Both Bev and Rebekah have a session on the bed, which includes a hot 69 with a vibrator and dildo. Mario enters and provides a double facial.

Bev goes with the guys to Northampton and on the way strips to her pants and has sex with Mario in the usual positions with them both ending up nude. Mario cums over her bum, then Bob gets a go and cums over Bev's tits.

In the hotel, Bev is in the shower, then she starts on Ian Tate and Mario on the bed. At this point local girl Shannon arrives expecting a trip in the van, but things have gone too far and while Bev stays with Ian on the bed, Mario strips Shannon on the couch. Marino licks and Shannon rubs her pussy and she's soon squirting all over Mario's face. Meanwhile Ian and Bev are having some vigorous sex on the bed. Mario cums over Shannon's face and Bob takes over the fucking in spoons. Ian cums over Bev's pussy while Mario returns to putting his cock straight up Bev's bum, then Bob puts his in her pussy. Mario returns to Shannon for a few strokes then spurts over her tits.

Next the crew are in the van looking for the legendary Vinnie Curran. They pick up Andy and Lisa at the station and the two have a grope until they find Vinnie and Jenny. The two girls sit on the boys' laps and they get their tits out and have a sly fondle as they drive on.

The next location is a mystery to me, part studio part furniture repository, suffice to say it has a nice big pine table and almost straightaway both Lisa, with Ian and Jenny, with Andy, are stripped off and being shagged. Sex in several positions follow until Jenny sucks Mario's cock, which he takes as an invitation to have sex with her. Ian switches to Jenny and Mario to Lisa and both girls are doggy-fucked side by side on the table, followed by Lisa getting a dp from Ian and Mario.

Next the boys go in search of Alison, a big girl with a very hairy pussy, and there is much banter about the size of her breasts. Mario massages her tits with oil, which is enough to get her to suck his cock and have sex on the floor. After doggy and reverse cowgirl, Bob joins in for a dp and both guys give her a facial.

In the final scene Gina G gets shagged.

Review by Bayleaf

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